• This Housekeeping inspection is to be conducted by an authorised and competent person and the JSEA (Conduct Housekeeping Inspection of Reel Store) has been read and signed off

  • Inspectors have read and signed off all Reel Store SWP's within the past 12 months

  • Ensure Inspection Team have: safety footwear, hi-vis clothing, safety glasses, two-way radio

  • Reel Store operators have been advised a Housekeeping Inspection is being conducted of the area and inspection team in possession of a two-way radio

Restricted Areas

  • Restricted Areas are marked and sign posted

  • Signs are clear and legible

  • Gate or barrier is across the loading dock when not in use

  • All walkways are clearly marked. (Green - Pedestrian Only / Red & White - Shared)

  • All gates are present, in working order and swing in

  • Radio communications are used between Grab operators and Bobcat operators

Loading Operations

  • Truck drivers (and assistants) are following correct Reel Store procedures

  • Reel Store Grab operators are not loading while driver is in the area or on the truck

  • Grab operators travel at safe speed and in reverse if load obscures vision

  • Container trucks are hard against the loading dock and keys are placed on the key hook

  • Is the Book of Procedures current and available at the Reel Store office. Does the book contain a list of procedures

  • Does the Book of Procedures contain Code of Practice for Load Restraint and the Load Restraint Guidelines

  • Is there a photo and details for the Load / Area Supervisor

  • Are loads being secured as per the Load Restraint Guidelines

  • Observations required. Correct procedures are being followed (note number of trucks and / or movements observed)

Inside the Reel Store

  • PME critical safety devices are fitted and in working order (flashing lights, reverse squawk, reverse flashing lights, Keep Clear 3 metre hi-vis sign)

  • Pre-Start checks have been carried out (check both Pre-start book is signed off for each shift)

  • Reels grabbed with care - no damage

  • All reels are stored within the marked yellow lines

  • Reel Cutback Area is not being used as a storage area

  • Reel Cutback Area has safety barriers and sign present

  • Reel kickers are clear of obstructions

  • Storage areas are free of rubbish and waste

  • Observations required. PME operators are operating in a safe manner and in accordance with procedures

Fire Safety & Emergency

  • Emergency exits are clear and free from obstructions

  • Emergency exit doors open out and without use of key

  • Emergency Exit lights are above fire exit doors and illuminated

  • Walkways moving away from the fire doors are clear and free of obstructions and trip hazards

  • Fire reels and hoses are in working order. (Area map show emergency equipment locations)

  • Fire extinguishers are present where sign posted, in test date and pressurised

  • Access to fire & emergency equipment is free from obstructions and accessible

  • Do emergency services have clear access to the area


  • Is there adequate lighting in the Reel Store (note any lighting that is not working)

  • No slip, trip, fall hazards are present

  • Reel Store office is clean and tidy

  • No unauthorised persons are in the Reel Store or operational areas

  • Area is free of any leaks or spills that can cause land or water pollution

Additional Comments / Recommendations

  • Additional Comments

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