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Workplace Inspection School of Textiles and Design

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1. Are the following documents available and up to date?

  • 1.1 The ‘Health And Safety Law’ notice

  • 1.2 The University Health & Safety Policy and Insurance Policy

  • 1.3 The ‘First Aid Team’ notice

  • 1.4 The Fire Evacuation Procedure

  • 1.5 Working Procedures for use of equipment, machinery and instruments or are there user manuals available?

  • 1.6 Risk Assessments for procedures (RA3)

  • 1.7 Inventory of chemicals

  • 1.8 Inventory of equipment

  • Observations and comments

2. Fire Safety

  • 2.1 Are escape routes free from obstruction and emergency exits marked?

  • 2.2 Are suitable extinguishers present and correctly placed?

  • 2.3 Are the extinguisher brackets secure and undamaged?

  • 2.4 Are the signs for fire exits and escape routes present and unobstructed?

  • 2.5 Are the Smoke/Fire detectors unobstructed?

  • 2.6 Is the fire alarm audible in the whole area?

  • 2.7 Are there fire break glass points available on all exit routes?

  • 2.8 Are the break glass call points unobstructed?

  • 2.9 Is the fire assembly point clearly signed and free from obstruction?

  • Observations and comments

3 COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health)

  • 3.1 Are there COSHH Assessments (RA2A & B) for operations involving hazardous substances?

  • 3.2 Have all staff been trained to the appropriate level in the use of chemicals?

  • 3.3 Is there a Chemical Spills notice displayed?

  • 3.4 Are hazardous materials marked and stored correctly?

  • 3.5 Are combustible materials stored appropriately?

  • 3.6 Are gas cylinders being stored correctly and in good condition?

  • 3.7 Are regulators for gas cylinders in good condition and within their expiry date?

  • 3.8 Do unsealed containers have their lids on when not in use?

  • 3.9 Are there any spills not adequately dealt with?

  • Observations and comments

4. First Aid

  • 4.1 Have Accident Report forms been completed and passed to the Safety Officer?

  • 4.2 Is there an Emergency Eye Wash station, if required?

  • Observations and comments

5. Personal Protective Equipment

  • 5.1 Do all staff and students wear suitable footwear, when required?

  • 5.2 Are all staff and students issued with relevant PPE, when required?

  • 5.3 Is there a record of issue of PPE to staff and students?

  • Observations and comments

6. General

  • 6.1 Is there suitable access and egress for personnel?

  • 6.2 Are personnel walkways defined and clear?

  • 6.3 Appropriate warning or safety signs displayed in correct areas?

  • 6.4 Are safe practices, including PPE use, being followed?

  • 6.5 If there is work in progress: are there any concerns or identified dangerous practices?

  • 6.6 Is there adequate ventilation in all areas?

  • 6.7 Are the lighting levels adequate in all areas?

  • 6.8 Are restricted areas suitably signed or labelled and secure e.g. boiler room, electric cupboards and chemical storage?

  • 6.9 Does the general area layout present any hazard?

  • 6.10 Are the ceiling tiles secure and free from damage in all areas?

  • 6.11 Are the light fittings/diffusers secure in all areas?

  • 6.12 All areas clear of infestation?

  • 6.13 Are products stable and secure and in good condition?

  • 6.14 Is the general level of housekeeping acceptable?

  • Observations and comments

7. Electricity

  • 7.1 Are any of the sockets overloaded?

  • 7.2 Is all trunking and visible wiring in good condition?

  • 7.3 Are there any trailing leads or trip hazards?

  • 7.4 Are emergency stop buttons/ interlock switches working. Carry out test

  • Observations and comments

8. Welfare Arrangements

  • 8.1 Are cleaning materials safely stored?

  • 8.2 Are there any unaddressed electrical and gas hazards present?

  • 8.3 Is there a risk of spillage (either chemical or water)?

  • 8.4 Is there a build-up of waste present?

  • 8.5 Is the temperature of the (hot and cold) water suitable?

  • 8.6 Is the temperature of the general area suitable?

  • 8.7 Are there sufficient paper towels and soap available?

  • Observations and comments


  • 9.1 Is the area being inspected an office? if NO, then go straight to the next section

  • 9.2 Is the office clean and tidy, with clear walkways?

  • 9.3 Are store areas tidy with clear floor areas and good access?

  • 9.4 If there are steps to reach any high level storage, are they suitable and in good condition?

  • 9.5 Is the temperature, ventilation and lighting adequate?

  • 9.6 Are there any trip hazards?

  • 9.7 Is the furniture undamaged and in good condition?

  • 9.8 Are the chairs suitable for task, and are they undamaged and in good condition?

  • 9.9 Are storage media undamaged and in good condition?

  • 9.10 Are heavy items stored correctly?

  • 9.11 Is high-level storage being used correctly?

  • 9.12 Is storage located away from cable routes and heat sources?

  • 9.13 Is confidential waste stored correctly?

  • 9.14 Are hazardous materials marked and stored correctly?

  • 9.15 Have DSE Users been identified and have they completed their assessment?

  • 9.16 Has relevant work equipment been provided as necessary?

  • Observations and comments

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