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  • Are all pathways / walkways clear of rubbish or obstructions?

  • Are the floor surfaces even, free of holes, cracks, frays or uplifting edges?

  • Are all pathways / walkways slip free?

  • Do all steps / stairs / ramps have suitable non slip surfaces and edges?

  • Are handrails secure and in good condition?

  • Are noise levels acceptable?

  • Are door handles and catches in good repair?

  • Are all waste containers appropriately located?

  • Ae all areas maintained in a tidy condition?

  • Are appropriate steps / ladders provided for handling items stored or displayed above shoulder height?


  • Are all areas well ventilated?

  • Are air conditioning units maintained regularly? Date of last maintenance inspection:

  • Are temperatures appropriate for the job?


  • Is there adequate lighting in the area?

  • Is the area free of glare from the sun?

  • Are all lights functional?

  • Lights fittings clean and in good repair?

  • Are all windows clean?


  • Is the furniture provided suitable for its intended use?

  • Is it used for its intended purpose?

  • Is the furniture in a good / safe condition?

  • Has a work station assessment been undertaken?


  • Is there sufficient storage space?

  • Are the storage areas free from accumulated equipment or rubbish?

  • Is appropriate shelving used?

  • Is the shelving provided at suitable heights?

  • Are potentially hazardous substances kept in a secure area?


  • Are power points and switches in good working order?

  • Do all power boards used have an overload switch?

  • All electrical cords in good repair, with no damaged plugs / sockets?

  • Have all electrical appliances been tested and tagged to AS?

  • Are electrical cables kept clear of doorways?


  • Is adequate work space provided around each piece of equipment?

  • Is equipment clean / maintained correctly?

  • Are noise levels satisfactory?

  • Do you need to carry out an Electrical Risk Assessment?

Fire Safety & Emergency Procedures?

  • Are enter antes and exits kept clear?

  • Where emergency lights are installed, are they in working order?

  • Are evacuation procedures displayed in prominent locations around the building?

  • Are evacuation / fire drills practised?<br>Date of last drill?

  • Visitors to the area provided with sufficient training to allow for their safe evacuation?

  • Are fire extinguishers and blankets located and mounted appropriately and is correct signage in place?

  • Are fire extinguishers appropriate for hazards in area?

  • Are fire extinguishers tested to AS?<br>Date of last test:

First Aid

  • Are appropriate first aid kits available?

  • Are first aid signs displayed prominently?

  • Ae the kits readily maintained?

  • Is a list of qualified first aiders and emergency contacts displayed in a prominent location?<br><br><br><br><br>

  • Are arrangements for first aid needs known by staff and visitors?

Hazardous and Dangerous Substances

  • Is the Register of Substances up-to-date and accessible to all staff?

  • Is the MSDS available on all substances and accessible to all staff?

  • Is the chemicals stored in the correct manor?

  • Are all decanted substances labelled correctly?

  • Has a risk assessment been taken on all substances?

  • Is the correct PPE available?

Health & Safety Observations

  • Are all employees working safely within the area?

  • Are employees wearing the appropriate PPE?

  • Do Noticeboards have appropriate OH&S information displayed?

  • As employees aware of how to report a hazard ?

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