Company Details

  • Workplace Address (including postcode)
  • Nature of business

  • Employee Count

  • Main contact person.

  • Email Address - Main Contact

  • Phone Number

  • Health & Safety Contact

  • T2000 Area/Dept Appraisal

  • Training 2000 Contact Name

Accreditations & Standards

  • Is the organisation accredited to any ISO Standards or other industry recognised standards?

  • Indicate any standards accredited.

  • Does the employer have access to competent health and safety advice and assistance?

1. Health and Safety Policy

  • A. Is there a clear commitment to health, safety and welfare (written policy statement , mandatory when 5 or more employees?

  • B. Are the responsibilities for health and safety clearly stated (recorded when 5 or more employees(.

  • C. Are arrangements for health and safety clearly stated (recorded when 5 or more employees).

  • D. How are Health & Safety messages communicated to employees? inc. arrangements, responsibilities and commitments.

  • Assessment of Standard 1:

2. Risk Assessment and Control

  • A. Have risk assessments been carried out on procedures and significant risks identified?

  • A. Have written risk assessments been carried out and significant findings recorded where there are more than 5 employees?

  • C. Have control measured been identified and put in place as a result of the risk assessments?

  • D. Will the risk assessments take into account young persons, including giving consideration of their age, inexperience, immaturity and lack of awareness of risk assessments?

  • E. Will the assessment take into account any other special needs or circumstances including ant disability and / or medical / health conditions?

  • F. Will the employer put in control measures for the learner as a result of the assessment and will they inform the learner and their supervisor?

  • G. Have COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessments been carried where required? And control measured identified?

  • H. How are the risks and controls identified explained to employees and others?

  • Assessment of Standard 2:

3. Accident, Incidents and First Aid

  • A. Have adequate arrangements for first aid materials been made?

  • B. Have adequate arrangements for trained first aid persons been made?

  • C. Are accidents and first aid treatment rendered recorded?

  • D. Are or will all legally reportable accidents and incidents be reported and investigated?

  • E. How are the arrangements for accidents / incidents and first aid communicated to all employees?

  • Assessment of Standard 3:

4. Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision

  • A. Are employees provided with competent supervision?

  • B. Is initial health and safety information, instruction and training given to all new employees on recruitment? e.g induction.

  • C. How does the employer manage the employees work when it is away from the employers own premises or when employees are placed with another employer / site?

  • D. Is ongoing health and safety information, instruction and training provided to all employees?

  • E. Is health and safety information, instruction and training recorded? (This is recorded in Training 2000 quality assured Induction Pack)

  • F. How is the effectiveness of health and safety information and training assessed and is the assessment recorded?

  • Assessment of Standard 4:

5. Work Equipment and Machinery

  • A. Is the correct and equipment provided to the appropriate standards?

  • B. Is the equipment maintained and is it recorded?

  • C. Are guards and control measures in place as determined through risk assessment?

  • D. Are guards and control measures in place?

  • E. Are safe electrical systems and equipment provided and maintained (eg PAT testing)?

  • F. Have all the relevant inspections on equipment been carried out in line with legislation?

  • Assessment of Standard 5:

6. Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing

  • A. Is PPE provided free of charge to employees as determined through risk assessment (list items)?

  • B. Is training and information on the safe use of PPE/C provided to all employees?

  • C. Is there evidence to suggest PPE is enforced?

  • D. Is PPE/C maintained and replaced?

  • Assessment of Standard 6:

7. Fire and Emergencies

  • A. Is there a risk assessment in place?

  • B. Is there a means of raising the alarm and fire detection in place?

  • C. Are there appropriate means of fighting fire in place?

  • D. Are there effective means of escape in place including un-obstructed routes and exits?

  • F. Is / are fire fighting equipment, preventative measures and emergency arrangements maintained, including tests and practice drills?

  • E. is there a named person(s) for emergencies?

  • G. Is there a fire log / record book kept?

  • Assessment of Standard 7:

8. Safe and Healthy Working Environment

  • A. Are premises (structure, fabric, fixtures and fittings) safe and healthy (suitable, maintained and kept clean)?

  • B. Is the working environment (temperature, lighting, space, ventilation and noise) an appropriate safe and healthy one?

  • C. Are welfare facilities (toilet, washing, drinking, eating and changing) provided as appropriate and maintained?

  • Assessment of Standard 8:

9. General Health and Safety Management

  • A. How does the employer consult and communicate with employees and allow them to participate in health and safety?

  • B. Does the employer provide medical screening as appropriate and any required medical / health surveillance?

  • C. Does the employer display the necessary signs and notices?

  • D. Is the health and safety law poster displayed?

  • Assessment of Standard 9:

Learner Specific

  • Learners Name:

  • Learners Work Location:

  • Supervisor(s) name(s)?

  • Regular reviews take place with the CDA and learner, which establish the current level of satisfaction, and identify if there are any health and safety non-conformance issues regarding the Employer / Placement.

    These reviews are kept within the individual Learner record and any reports of health and safety non-conformance issues are passed to the HSE Department to follow up?

10. Management of Learners / Young Persons Health and Safety (Complete section 10 if under 18 or work experience)

  • This assessment is specific for the safety of the learner and does not endorse a full safe system of work for the employer. It is the Employers responsibility to ensure the Safety of the learner at all times. Complete this section if learner is under 18 or completing work experience.

  • Is the learner under the age of 18 or completing work experience?

  • A. Which items of equipment will the learner / young person be expectedg to use ( when trained)?

  • B. Detail any necessary prohibitions and restrictions identified by the risk assessments that apply to the learner / young person?

  • C. Does the employer provide competent supervision for learners / young persons and do they have a designated person to take overall responsibility for them?

  • D. Is the employer aware / will the employer make himself / herself aware of the Training 2000 Ltd. Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy?

  • E. Has the employer an Equal Opportunities Policy? (If no, refer to the employer sample).

  • F. Are there any materials displayed that may cause offence to employees?

  • G. Has the employer a Bullying and Harassment Policy? ( if no, refer the employer sample)

  • Assessment of Standard 10:

If an action plan has been identified the action plan is detailed in the development plan section

  • Action / Development plan agreed and provided

  • Note. All comments raised or areas for improvement should be documented and included on the action plan sheet(s).
    It is the employers responsibility to accept ownership of the action plan to Impliment actions within the times ails advised.

The Employer or their representative: Please sign to agree that this is an accurate record of the assessment.

  • Name and Job Title:

  • Assessment completed by (T2 HSE Representative):

Action Plan

  • Action Plan

  • Action
  • Action Required

  • By Who

  • Target Date

  • Action completed on

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