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  • 1. Are the flight line areas adjacent to parked aircraft free of foreign objects?

  • 2. Are engine and aircraft covers installed on the aircraft?

  • 3. Are FOD containers emptied when full or once a day, whichever occurs first?

  • 4. Are all vehicles driven on the flight line equipped with a secured FOD container?

  • 5. Are AF Form 1199, USAF Restricted Area Badges, removed prior to performing intake/exhaust inspections (if personnel are entering these areas)?

  • 6. Are USAF Restricted Area Badges secured with a subdued "break-away" style nylon/cotton cord or plastic armband?

  • 7. Are unauthorized personal tools (e.g. Mini-mag flashlights, leathermans, buck-knives, etc.) being used on the flight line, or in any maintenance area?

  • 8. Are FOD walks conducted at the parking location after an aircraft launch?

  • 9. Are rollover FOD checks being performed on all vehicles and towed equipment at the ECP FOD Control Points?

  • 10. Are lost tools being reported to MOC after a one hour search has been conducted?

  • 11. Are FOD Sweepers conducting thorough sweeps of the airfield, to include parking ramps, taxiways, and runway?

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