Direct Instruction

  • Has instructional materials ready.

  • Presents instructional materials in correct position.

  • Presents correct instruction / directive.

  • Reinforces correct responses.

  • Withholds reinforcement in presence of errors.

  • Records data accurately.

Classroom support / Shadowing

  • Allows instruction to be delivered by the classroom teacher / paraprofessional.

  • Modulates position around the room.

  • Maximizes distance from target student when possible.

  • Supplements reinforcement of the classroom teacher / paraprofessional.

  • Prompts classroom teacher / paraprofessional to repeat instructions when necessary.

  • Records all pertinent data accurately.

Incidental Instruction / Natural Environment Teaching

  • Instructions are clear

  • Instructions are concise.

  • Instructions are presented in a neutral and natural tone.

  • Records all pertinent data accurately.


  • Reinforcement is contingent.

  • Reinforcement is delivered in a timely fashion (e.g. within 1 second of target response)

  • Reinforcement delivery is enthusiastic when appropriate.

  • Reinforcement delivery is neutral when appropriate.

  • Reinforcement is withheld in presence of errors.

  • Corrects errors as specified (simple correction vs. full correction)

Error Correction

  • Instructions are not repeated without correction prompts

  • Immediately follows the error

  • Repeats original directive before prompting the correct response.

  • Repeats the directive + prompting sequence if necessary up to 3 times.

  • Provides descriptive neutral praise for corrected responses.


  • Provides prompting when response did not occur independently.

  • Provides the correct type of prompt

  • Physical prompt for physical response.

  • Verbal prompt for verbal response.

  • Fades the prompt when appropriate.

Behavior intervention

  • Implements behavior management (prevention) strategies as appropriate when unwanted behaviors are not occurring.

  • Provides behavior intervention (treatment) strategies when behavior occurs.

  • Provides the correct intervention procedure as described in the student's Behavior Intervention Plan.

  • Provides positive reinforcement for an appropriate behavior following behavior intervention.


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