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  • Site conducted

  • Photograph of the site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Camp Boss Name

  • Document Number

General Area

  • Fire evacuation plans are updated

  • Fire wardens are identified

  • Emergency phone numbers are answered when called (try and call the number - not 999)

  • First aid signs clearly visible

  • Lighting adequate and operational

  • Area is free from odours

  • Noise level is acceptable/adequately controlled

  • Ventilation is adequate

  • Stair treads in good condition

  • Handrails present, safe and secure

  • Hold the handrail signs are available

  • Furniture safe and undamaged

Electrical Safety

  • Electrical equipment tested, tagged and safe

  • Electrical switches/sockets in good condition

  • Electrical sockets are not overloaded

  • Only suitable three pin plugs are being used.

Documentation & Training

  • QHSE policies are posted in prominent positions

  • General signage is adequate

  • Accommodation inductions have been completed and records are available

  • Fire wardens are trained, and evidence is available

  • First aiders are trained, and evidence is available



  • Air conditioning units are in good condition

  • Air conditioning filters are clean

  • Air conditioning units are cooling sufficiently

  • Temperature is comfortable

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

  • Access and egress paths clear

  • Fire fighting equipment easily accessible

  • Fire fighting equipment checked in last 6 months

  • First aid kit accessible



  • Drains (floor and sink) clear and free flowing

  • The Water has been tested

  • Date of last water test

  • Taps free from drips

  • Fridge clean, good condition

  • Microwave clean and maintained

  • Oven/stove safe and clean

  • Area free from pests or evidence thereof



  • Seating available and safe

  • Tables safe and clean

  • Waste and cigarette butt bins available

  • Washing line safe and in good condition

  • Boundary fences safe and secure

  • Overhead structures safe and secure



  • Electrical equipment tested and tagged and current

  • Lighting operating as designed

  • Dryer filter clean

  • Floor/area free from water and being wet

Sign Off

  • Any other comments, including positives

  • Inspector

  • Camp Boss

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