Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Subject Property
  • Occupier’s full name. If the occupier is a company the A.CN. To be included


  • I being the occupier of a/the building at the above property consent to the entry and search of the building by an authorised person under section 228E of the Building Act 1993 (“Act”).

    I have been informed as follows:

    1, of the purpose of the search;

    2, that as the occupier I may refuse to give consent to the entry and search or to the seizure of anything found during the search;

    3, that the occupier I may refuse to produce any documents required to be produced for examination;

    4, that as the occupier I may refuse to give consent to the taking of any sample of a thing or any copy or extract from document found in or on the building during the search; and

    5, that anything seized or taken during the search with my consent may be used in evidence in proceedings.

  • Date and time of entry.

  • Signature of occupier consenting entry.

  • Should you wish to discuss the above please contact Council’s Municipal Building Surveyor, Richard Whitting on 9518 3555

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