• Client / Site Barwon Water Black Rock STP Upgrade

  • Pre Pour Concrete Checklist

  • Conducted on

Pour details

  • Please nominate reference drawings

  • Is structure a water retaining structure?

23.1 Concrete Quality

  • Concrete mix to be poured

23.2 Submission and Evidence

  • Mix design and pour methodology approved by client? HP on ITP signed?

23.3 Testing

  • Is concrete tester booked?

  • Is concrete tester NATA accredited and approved by client?

  • Slump test - (test each batch prior to placing) requirement understood by tester?

  • Sampling (Compressive test) (1 test per 25m3 per mix per day) Confirm number of tests required for pour?

  • Dry shrinkage ( Non water retaining - 1 sample every 3 months and every 200m3) (Water retaining - test first batch per pour and every 25m3 thereafter) Confirm number of shrinkage tests?

23.4 Formwork

  • If formwork requires design has design been approved by the contract administrator?

  • Formwork is positioned as per drawings? Confirm dimensions below

  • HDPE / PVC liner on forms as required by drawings and secure? Confirm with photo

  • Controlled permeability formwork liner is on critical surfaces and secure? Confirm with photo.

  • Void formers in locations as required by drawings?

  • Void formers are secure and will not deflect during placing and compacting of concrete?

  • Holes have been provided in rebate formers etc to prevent air entrapment? Confirm with photo.

  • Formwork free of water, rust, dust, debris and stains?

23.5 Cores, Fixings and Embedded Items

  • Are all cores and embedded items are in place as per the requirements of the drawings and subsequent trades? Mark on drawings.

  • Are all cores and embedded items are accurately position and firmly supported?

  • Is there reinforcement cover to all cores and embedded items?

  • For slabs, confirm that fall on slab is correct?

23.6 Placement

  • Confirm predicted ambient temperature during ? If over 38 deg in the shade do not pour.

  • Confirm predicted ambient temperature during ? If over 38 deg in the shade do not pour.

  • Confirm predicted time for discharge from list? Temperature reference is concrete temperature at time of discharge

  • Confirm temperature limit for placement of concrete?

  • Formwork temperature is less then 32 deg? Confirm with photo.

23.7 Protection and curing

  • Confirm approved curing method

  • Confirm materials and equipement for curing are onsite ready to use?

  • Confirm curing time?

23.8 Concrete finish

  • Confirm concrete finish?

  • 25mm chamfers in place for all exposed edges?

  • Confirm stripping time in days?

23.10 Joints

  • Construction joints in location as per drawings? If no have the location been approved by the contract administrator

  • Signature of Contractor Administrator if required

  • Construction joins are straight and true and free of blemishes?

  • Construction joints have been scabbled to not less the 5mm?

  • Confirm Water Stops installed as per drawings (Hydrotite CJ0725-3K on 50mm wide smooth surface)?

  • Control Joints locations confirmed?

  • Expansions joints located as per drawings? No fixed bars through joint? Joint filler installed as required?

23.11 Reinforcement Cover

  • Wet well pump station structure - Confirm that there is adequate cover to reinforcement. Select minimum cover requirement from list

  • Screen structure - Confirm that there is adequate cover to reinforcement. Select minimum cover requirement from list

24.3 Reinforcement certification and Identification

  • ACRS cert available for reinforcement used?

24.5 Standard Cogs and Hooks

  • Standard cogs and hooks supply as per AS3600? Ligs have hook of at least 135 deg?

24.6 Concrete edges

  • There is one continious bar parallel to concrete edges unless otherwise noted?

24.7 Trimmer bars

  • Trimmer bars shown on drawings in place and secured?

  • N 12 trimmer bars by 1000mm at each layer at re-entrant corners openings and penetrations not shown on drawings?

24.8 Placing and securing reinforcement

  • Reinforcement bars are the correct size and spacing as per drawings?

  • Reinforcement supported at approx 800 mm centres with approved chairs, spacers or ligatures?

  • High strength fibre reinforced spacer blocks used for all structures with exposure classification B2 Greater ( i.e. All structures except the swithroom slab)?

  • Couplers and starters located in blockouts as required?

  • Reinforcement is electrically continuous?

24.9 Placing and securing reinforcement

  • Vertical reinforcement is lapped in locations as per drawings or as approved?

  • Confirm vertical bar laps.

  • Horizontal reinforcement is lapped in locations as per drawings or as approved?

  • Confirm horizontal bar laps.

  • Confirm mesh overlaps by two wires by at least 25mm

24.11 Welding Reinforcement

  • Reinforcement not to be welded unless shown on drawings or approved by Contract Administrator. Has welding of reinforcement been approved?

  • Confirm no welds within bent sections (i.e. Within 75mm - N24, 100mm - N28 to N32, 125mm - N36)

  • Weld testing carried out i. Visual examination - 50% & Radiographic 5% fillet welds and 100% of butt welds

24.12 Cutting and bending Reinforcement

  • Has reinforcement been cut, bent or heated onsite?

  • Has approval been given by the contract adminstator to cut, bend or heat reinforcement onsite?

  • Signature of Contractor Administrator if required

24.14 Dowel Bars

  • Dowel bars are smooth and Hot Dipped Galvinised?

  • Dowel bars correct size and located as per drawings? Dowels are supported so they will not move during the pour?

25.0 Inspection completion

  • Name of the Person completing the checklist

  • Signature of the persons completing the checklist

  • Name of Barwon Water representative

  • Signature of Barwon Water representative reviewing pour

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