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Previous inspections

  • Have items from pervious inspections be closed out ?

Yard Control

  • Speed limits, directional signage

  • Doorways, clearways clear

  • Pedestrian access ways marked

  • Parking areas identified

  • Security fencing maintained

  • Storage areas identified

  • Orderly storage of Plant and Equipment

Stormwater/Litter Control

  • Drains/ponds clean and clear of debris

  • Water irrigation system operational

  • Wash bay water contained

  • Wash bay water disposed of correctly

  • Site free of litter

  • Litter control measures appropriate

Solid/Liquid Waste Disposal

  • Waste bins available and utilised

  • Solid wastes disposed correctly

  • Liquid wastes contained

  • Liquid wastes disposed correctly

  • Bulk storage areas bunded and dry

  • Used chemicals disposed correctly

  • Tyres, batteries etc disposed correctly

Dust/Noise Odour Control

  • All areas sweep and dust free

  • No sources of visible dust

  • Noise levels of equipment, acceptable

  • Noise levels monitored

  • No sources of noticeable odours

  • Odour suppression available

Office Area

  • Doorways clear/unobstructed

  • Floors clean/tidy

  • Walls and windows clean/maintained

  • Lighting cleaned/maintained

  • Work areas clean and tidy

Amenities Area

  • Doorways clear/unobstructed

  • Floors clean/tidy

  • Eating area, equipment clean/hygienic

  • Lighting cleaned/maintained

  • Toilet facilities, clean/hygienic

  • Change/washroom/s, clean/hygienic

First aid

  • Qualified first aiders available

  • Kits identified/ accessible

  • Kit contents meets requirements

  • Injury register available

  • MSDS available to first aider

  • Emergency procedures displayed

Workshop Area

  • Doorways clear/unobstructed

  • Floors clean/tidy

  • Walls and windows clean/maintained

  • Lighting cleaned/maintained

  • Work areas clean and tidy

  • Storage areas marked, orderly/secure

Electrical Equip

  • Distribution boards identified

  • Switch boards/boxes closed/locked

  • Earth leakage protection in use

  • Equipment inspected, tagged/current

  • Correct plugs/sockets used

  • Equipment stored correctly

Fire Protection

  • Extinguishers/hoses unobstructed

  • Correctly mounted and clearly marked

  • Extinguishers fully charged

  • Equip inspections current/tagged

  • Flammable materials stored correctly

  • Fire Warning/No Smoking Signs

Hazardous Substances Storage

  • MSDS available

  • Chemicals clearly labelled

  • Chemicals stored correctly

  • Storage, access clear and identified

  • PPE available and used

Compressed Gas storage

  • Bottles stored/chained securely

  • Acetylene and oxygen separated

  • Flash back arresters fitted

  • Trolleys maintained and used correctly

Hand Tools

  • Stored in assigned location

  • Clean and free of oil/grease

  • Serviceable and maintained

  • Air power tools/airlines maintained

  • SWL labels clearly attached

  • Equipment stored correctly

Noise/ Eye Protection

  • Hazard areas/operations signposted

  • Ear/eye protection available

  • Ear/eye protection being used

Plant and Equipment

  • Safety signage adequate

  • Controls clearly marked/displayed

  • Guards fitted over moving parts

  • Guards maintained and used correctly

  • No excessive oil/grease

  • Access clear and tidy

  • Ladder or other Access equipment suitable for purpose

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