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Safety & Operation Checks

  • Overall Condition - Protective Covers, Missing Or Loose Nuts & Bolts

  • Leaks - Hydraulic Oil, Brake Fluid, Battery Electrolyte

  • Tyres - Cuts, Foreign Objects

  • Wheels - Damage, Wheel Nuts Present & Secure (Not Hand Tight)

  • Forks - Excessive Wear, Cracks, Fractures, Deformation, Equal Spacing, Locating Pins Engaged

  • Load Backrest (If Fitted) - Deformation, Cracks, Securely Mounted

  • Hydraulic Hoses - Wear, Damage, Leaks, Kinks, Routing

  • Mast Bearings, Chains, Channels, Stops - Wear, Damage Deformation, Cracks

  • Mast Chains - Equal Tension, Lubricated

  • Fork Carriage - Excessive Wear, Damage, Deformation, Cracks

  • Overhead Guard - Damage, Cracks, Securely Mounted

  • Safety Warnings - Attached

  • Battery - Connections Secure, Cell Damage, Leaks, Electrolyte Level, Leads

  • Operators Compartment Capacity Plate Attached - Information Matches Model, Serial Number Attachments

  • Seat Belt, Buckle and Retractor - Cuts In Belt, Functioning Smoothly

  • Seat - Anchored Securely, Runners Operating Freely, No Objects Underneath

  • Electrical Connections/Terminals - Securely Connected, Undamaged

  • Motors - Unusual Noises, Smells

  • Accelerator - Functioning Smoothly in Forward & Reverse

  • Park Brake & Service Brake - Functioning

  • Steering Operation - Functioning Smoothly in Both Directions, Excessive Freedom/Stiffness

  • Drive Control - Forward/Reverse - Functioning Smoothly

  • Hydraulic Controls - Forward/Back Smooth Operation Through Full Travel

  • Horn, Lights, Reversing Bleeper & Flashing Beacon - Functioning Normally

  • Rear View Mirror - Securely Attached, Clean, In Good Condition

  • Dash Display Module/Hour Meter - Functioning

  • Warning LIghts - Functioning/Extinguished


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