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1.0 Fire Protection

  • 1.1 Are the sufficient fire extinguishers in accordance with the fire regulations?

  • 1.2 Have all turnover type extinguishers been disposed of?

  • 1.3 Have all BCF extinguishers been replaced?

  • 1.4 Are extinguishers mounted in conspicuous locations no more than 1.2m high with a location sign above at no less than 2 metres?

  • 1.5 Has training been provided in relation to extinguishers, and hose reels where fitted?

  • 1.6 Are there dry chemical extinguishers in or adjacent to kitchens and located away from any cooking facility?

  • 1.7 Is there an exhaust system in the kitchen?

  • 1.8 Is the exhaust system cleaned at least annually?

  • 1.9 Is there a fire blanket in the kitchen?

  • 1.10 Are smoke detectors installed on the premises and are batteries checked regularly?

  • 1.11 Is there a sprinkler system installed, is there a maintenance contract in place and are regular tests made and recorded?

  • 1.12 Are fire exits clearly signed, lit and serviced?

  • 1.13 Are fire exits kept clear at all times?<br>(These areas must not be used for storage)

  • 1.14 Is there a no smoking policy that is enforced?

  • 1.16 Are valuables, computer back up tapes and the like stored in a fire resistant area?

2.0 Emergency Procedures

  • 2.1 Are emergency evacuation procedures in place?

  • 2.2 Are emergency drills carried out at least every 6 months and the result reviewed by the responsible person?

  • 2.3 Are the emergency procedures displayed on notice boards?

  • 2.4 Is there a person responsible for evacuations etc?

3. Security

  • 3.1 Are premises in good repair to resist entry?<br>(No broken windows etc)

  • 3.2 Are there motion sensors, security lights installed?

  • 3.3 Are premises protected by an automatic alarm?

  • 3.4 Are all external doors fitted with deadlocks or similar appropriate locking hardware?

  • 3.5 If there is a safe, is the key kept off premises after hours?

  • 3.6 Are night safe facilities used for cash after hours to avoid holding cash on the premises?

  • 3.7 Is there a strictly adhered to cash policy covering counting storage and banking procedures not involving less than 2 adults?

  • 3.8 Are windows locked securely?

  • 3.9 Is there a person nominated with security responsibilities including locking all doors and windows after each activity?

  • 3.10 Are ladders, tools that may assist a burglar securely locked away?

  • 3.11 Is key distribution restricted according to need ad is a key security list maintained?

  • 3.12 Is valuable equipment locked away when not in use?

4.0 Electrical

  • 4.1 Are safety switches fitted to the switchboards?

  • 4.2 Are there surge protectors protecting electrical equipment?

  • 4.3 Has the electrical wiring been checked by an electrician in the past 10 years?

5.0 Computers

  • 5.1 Are all computers surge protected?

  • 5.2 Are back ups carried out regularly for computers?

  • 5.3 Are back up disks stored at a remote location?

6.0 Liability

  • 6.1 Are all handrails, walkways, stairs and paths clear of obstructions, in good repair and well lit? Are all floor coverings in good repair?

  • 6.2 Are all car parks and roadways well lit and free of potholes?

  • 6.3 Are all floor coverings even and in good repair?

  • 6.4 Are exit signs clearly marked and doorways accessible and clear?

  • 6.5 Are fully glazed doors and low set windows of laminated safety glass? If not, have protective sign writing or crash barriers been fitted?

  • 6.6 Have facilities been modified to meet special safety needs for the physically or mentally disabled, the very young and the very old??

  • 6.7 Do you ensure that no chemicals/ substances are kept in other than clearly marked containers showing the contents of the container?

  • 6.8 Are flammable and toxic substances (including detergent, weed killer, petrol etc) stored out of reach of children, and teenagers?

  • 6.9 Are there mature and responsible people in charge of youth and sporting activities?

  • 6.10 Are all playgrounds and equipment maintained in good working order and hard surfaces covered in some manner? Are local council guidelines complied with?

  • 6.11 Is there an active property committee with expertise in building maintenance to effect immediate repairs when required?

  • 6.12 Is a supervisor appointed for each working bee to establish the skill levels of the workers before allocating tasks?

  • 6.13 Are all new activities involving children reviewed by Church Authorities?

  • 6.14 Are you aware of the regulations relating to the care of children and does your church comply?

  • 6.15 Are all incidents involving injury to staff and the public reported in writing as soon as they are brought to your attention?

  • 6.16 Are all contractors requested to supply Certificates of Currency for Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance?

  • 6.17 Are all staff/leaders instructed not to admit liability in the event of damage or injury to a third party?

  • 6.18 Do you advise any prospective outside users of your property that they are responsible for their own insurance (property and liability)?

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