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Inspection as per manual

  • Check Gaskets and sealing at the transfomer and if necessary, retighten screws/bolts slightly. Include pictures.

  • Keep insulators clean. Provide pictures.

  • Remove rust and recoat/repair the surface concerned. Include pictures.

Annual Inspection

  • Check status of visual and acoustic indicators. Provide images.

  • Check dielectric stiffness (once every 5 years). Provide images.

  • Check moisture content of oil (once every 5 years). Provide images.

  • Visual inspection of termination sleeves. Include pictures.

  • Visually inspect the earthing electrodes. Include pictures.

  • Check condition of protection. Include pictures.

  • Visual inspection sealing of all joints. Include pictures.

  • Inspection of mechanical circuit breakers. Provide images.

  • Status and operation of the circuit breaker interlocks. Provide images.

  • Lubrication of circuit breakers. Include pictures.

  • Visual inspection of instrument transformer. Provide images.

  • Press contact and review of instrument transformer connections. Provide images.

  • Check condition of insulators and bus bars. Include pictures.

  • Check status of insulators, connections and bus bars. Include pictures.

  • Testing of earth connections. Provide images and results.

  • Check operation of protection relays. Provide images.

  • "Check alarm and trip signals of temperature. Include pictures.

  • Check operation of auxiliary relays. Include pictures.

  • Check operation of alarms. Provide images.

  • Visual inspection of transformers. Provide images.

  • Check for oil leaks (if appropriate), strange noises and overheating. Include pictures.

  • Visual inspection of grounding. Provide images.

  • Cleaning of transformer surroundings. Include pictures.

  • Inspection and checking of transformers. Provide images.

  • Earthing insulation measurement. Provide images and results.

  • State of paint and oxidation. Sanding and painting with anti-oxidant paint (if required). Include pictures.

  • Functional tests of auxiliary circuits (cooling system, switch, protections, Buchholz, thermometer etc.). Provide images.

  • Check continuity of grounding mesh. Include pictures.

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