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1.0 Asbestos Removal Licence

  • A Licence may not be required if all three of the following requirements are met:
    • The asbestos is non friable (like asbestos cement pipe)
    • The outside area of the pipe being removed does not exceed 10 square meters
    • The total time of asbestos removal work does not exceed one hour in any seven day period (and that includes the combined cumulative time of each worker involved in asbestos removal)
    No smoking on site.

  • 1.1 Does the contractor hold a current Asbestos removal Licence? <br>What Class Licence (GW has a Class B Specific non friable asbestos removal licence to remove AC Pipes for its employees) Does the Contractor have any specific restrictions to what they can and can’t do?<br>

  • 1.2 Is there a copy of the licence onsite as required by the regulations?

  • 1.3 Is the contractor aware of the current OH&S Regulations 2017, in particular ‘Part 4.3 Asbestos’?

  • 1.4 Is the Contractor aware of the WorkSafe Compliance Code “Removing asbestos in workplaces” September 2008?

  • 1.5 Are the contractor and the employees doing the work, aware of their licence and familiar with any conditions on it?

  • 1.6 Are the employees doing the asbestos removal work trained with the appropriate tickets? Tickets or training records should be available on site.

2.0 Site Supervision

  • 2.1 Is there evidence a site supervisor has been nominated for this work. Has he been accepted by WorkSafe as a site Supervisor in writing (for asbestos removal)?

  • 2.2 Is the site supervisor immediately contactable, and available to be on site in 20 minutes if the work is non friable asbestos removal?

3.0 General Procedures

  • 3.1 Has the contractor completed a ‘Notification of Asbestos Removal’ form and advised Worksafe of the proposed works? This can be completed online, or by post/fax.

  • 3.2 Has the contractor given WorkSafe 5 days notice prior to commencement of the planned removal of asbestos if in excess of 10m2?

  • 3.3 Has the contractor given Worksafe 24 hours notice prior to commencement of the planned removal of asbestos if there is less than 10m2?

  • 3.4 Is the Control Plan available on site and is it site specific?

  • 3.5 Is a SWMS available to support the Control Plan?

  • 3.6 Was the asbestos register (for above ground works) or reference been made to the Gippsland waters GIS to establish which pipes may be asbestos?

  • 3.7 Have all persons in the immediate and adjacent area been given adequate notice of the impending works?

  • 3.8 Have all employees on the site been informed of the works?

  • 3.9 Has the contractor erected adequate barricades and asbestos signage to protect other employees and the public?

  • 3.10 Is there a site specific emergency plan?

  • 3.11 Was the area cleaned of asbestos residual? Is there evidence that a clearance certificate (greater than 10m2) or visual inspection was carried out at the end of job to ensure the site is safe to remove barricades?

4.0 Provision of Personal Protective Equipment

  • 4.1 Are Gumboots being washed clean prior to vacating the excavation / area and double bagged for future use?

  • 4.2 Were disposable coveralls and used filter cartridges bagged on site?

  • 4.3 Are the correct coveralls being used & disposed of correctly?

  • 4.4 Are Gloves washed clean, or disposable gloves disposed of correctly, and hands and finger nails cleaned after asbestos work?

  • 4.5 Was the correct Class P2 half face respirator being used, and filter cartridge disposed of correctly?

  • 4.6 Was all asbestos waste double bagged twisted and tapped and disposed of correctly at a licensed disposal point?

  • 4.7 Has a decontamination point or area been set up on site and being used?

5.0 Asbestos Management

  • 5.1 Was wetting down of asbestos carried out as per procedures?

  • 5.2 Were all asbestos off-cuts, chips and dust collected and double bagged correctly?

  • 5.3 Were appropriate bags or wrapping used, sealed and labelled correctly?

  • 5.4 Was waste asbestos material transported in a sealed, contained and secure manner and disposed of correctly?

  • 5.5 Does the Contractor have a process for providing regular medicals for employees involved in asbestos removal?

6.0 Tools and Equipment

  • 6.1 Cutting shall only be done using a low speed hand tool or a compression cutter. Abrasive power saws must not be used.

  • 6.2 Has the contractor ensured there is sufficient water on hand for the entire operation for continuous supply of low pressure wetting down, spraying or mist?

  • 6.3 No employee shall commence work unless they have achieved a satisfactory fit test with the respirator positioned on the face.

  • 6.4 Were tools and equipment washed down prior to removal from the area? Is there a location for this?

Additional comments

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Action Required

  • Contractor is to review the comments, and consider the recommended actions within this audit. The contractor needs to demonstrate they are complying with their obligations as an employer, what specific remedial action they propose for this site, and if any overall modifications are required to their Health and Safety Plan / safety procedures / supervision. Prompt corrective action is required to eliminate any agreed deficiencies, and any areas of disagreement need to be further explored in writing. All “failed responses” need to be addressed/resolved.


  • Gippsland Water responsible officer

  • Auditor

  • Contractor's representative

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