• Project description

  • Contract No. GW

  • Contractor

  • Subcontractors on site

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  • Location
  • Contractor's representative

1.0 Safety Documents

  • 1.1 Has a SWMS been developed by the piling contractor?

  • 1.2 Do the piling contractor personnel have the required licenses/competencies?

2.0 Services

  • 2.1 Have any underground services been located in the vicinity?

3.0 Platform

  • 3.1 Has the piling rig platform been designed by a geotechnical engineer?

  • 3.2 Has it been constructed to the design?

  • 3.3 Has it been tested for compaction?

4.0 Setout

  • 4.1 Have the locations for the piles been setout accurately?

5.0 Work Area

  • 5.1 Is the work area safe?

  • 5.2 Is there easy access for personnel, concrete supply, cranes, etc?

  • 5.2 Is the area barricaded to prevent others from entering?

  • 5.4 Are there any overhead power lines?

  • 5.5 Has an exclusion zone been set up?

6.0 Piling Rig Assembly

  • 6.1 Has the rig been assembled by competent persons?

  • 6.2 Has the assembled rig been inspected and signed off?

7.0 Piling Rig / Cranes / Excavators

  • 7.1 Have prestart checklists been completed?

  • 7.2 Have maintenance records / logbooks been completed?

8.0 Supervision

  • 8.1 Is there an allocated supervisor in control of the works?

  • 8.2 Is the supervisor conducting prestart toolbox talks?

9.0 PPE

  • 9.1 Is PPE being worn appropriately?

10.0 Quality

  • 10.1 Are ITPs / quality records being kept?

  • 10.2 Is the concrete being inspected (truck delivery docket, flow/spread test, test cylinders)

11.0 Deliveries

  • 11.1 Are deliveries of concrete or other materials being done safely?

12.0 Housekeeping

  • 12.1 Is the work area being maintained by removing spoil and waste concrete?

Additional comments

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Action Required

  • Contractor is to review the comments, and consider the recommended actions within this audit. The contractor needs to demonstrate they are complying with their obligations as an employer, what specific remedial action they propose for this site, and if any overall modifications are required to their Health and Safety Plan / safety procedures / supervision. Prompt corrective action is required to eliminate any agreed deficiencies, and any areas of disagreement need to be further explored in writing. All “failed responses” need to be addressed/resolved.


  • Gippsland Water responsible officer

  • Auditor

  • Contractor's representative

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