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Information & Documentation


  • Lift Component Identification Documentation -

  • Serapid LinkLift Specification Sheet -

Safety & Instruction

  • Ensure you are in a safe position for movement of the winch and extremities are not close to the moving sections.

  • Do you require a full explanation of the winch mechanical inspection procedure?

General Mechanics


  • Are the lift guides free of damage and lubricated properly?

  • Are the guide pads free of damage and debris?

  • Are the supports free of visible damage?

  • Is the guide on the support free of damage and debris?

  • Has the guide on the support been lubricated with the appropriate solution?

  • Does it appear that the bearing blocks have lubricated with a grease gun and lithium grease?

  • Are all fixing bolts present and undamaged?


  • Is the motor in good visible condition without damage or lost components?

  • Are all of the fixing bolts for the motor present and torque marked?

  • Is the motor coupler tight and without damage?

  • Is the motor encoder in place and tight to the motor shaft?

  • Are all cables and cable connectors undamaged and present?

  • Is the limit box in good visible condition and tight to the drive train?

  • Is the secondary encoder without damage and tight to the drive train?

  • Is the brake in good visible condition, without any contamination?


  • Is the gearbox in good condition without any oil leakage?

  • Are all of the gearbox fixing bolts in place and torque striped?

  • Has the gearbox oil level been checked properly and confirmed to be at the correct?

  • Are all of the universal joints without visible damage?


  • Are the Serapid chain feeders in good visible condition without a build-up of debris in the chain output section?

  • Are all the fixing bolts present and torque striped on the chain feeder units?

  • Is there any visible damage to the Serapid chains and are they appropriately lubricated?

  • Are all of the chains plumb with no bowing/arcing in the centre of the chain?

  • Are all of the circlips and chain rollers in place on each of the chains and do the rollers turn freely?

  • Are the chain fixing plates in good condition with all fixing bolts present and torque striped?

Dynamic Checks

I/O Functionality



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