Emergency lighting to be tested by switching the lights on for ten minutes, this will show the condition of the battery backup.
System to be tested for thirty minutes every six months.
The system must be switched back off when testing is finished; leaving the system on will result in the batteries running out and the site having no emergency lighting coverage.

Test type

Electrical cupboard. LTP 1. Kitchen.

Kitchen. ELI 1A.

Kitchen. ELI 1B.

Kitchen. ELI 1C.

Electrical cupboard. LTP 2. Galley/hallway.

Galley. ELI 2A.

Hallway. ELI 2B.

Cafe lounge. LTP 3. Main pass door.

Main pass door. ELI 3.

Cafe lounge. LTP 4. Cloak room.

Cloak room. ELI 4.

Cafe lounge. LTP 5.

Next to LTP. ELI 5A.

Chair store/small lounge door. ELI 5B.

Large lounge/conservatory door. ELI 5C.

Conservatory fire exit 2. ELI 5D.

Chair store. LTP 6.

Chair store. ELI 6A.

Conservatory fire exit 1. ELI 6B.

Conservatory. LTP 7.

Next to LTP. ELI 7.

Reception. LTP 8.

Reception. ELI 8A.

Reception. ELI 8B.

Reception. ELI 8C.

Lambert room. LTP 9.

Lambert room. ELI 9.

Lambert room. LTP 10.

Lambert room. ELI 10.

Shared hallway. LTP 11.

Shared hallway. ELI 11A.

Shared hallway. ELI 11B.

Shared hallway. ELI 11C.

Shared hallway. ELI 11D.

Shared hallway. ELI 11E.

Surrey choices. LTP 12. Front entrance.

Pass door. ELI 12A.

Over cafe. ELI 12B.

Surrey choices. LTP 13. Pass door.

Side door. ELI 13A.

Front door. ELI 13B.

Shared kitchen. LTP 14.

Outside toilets. ELI 14A.

Above pass door ELI 14B.

CAB. LTP 15.

CAB. ELI 15.

Comms cupboard. LTP 16.

Comms cupboard. ELI 16.

Main hallway. LTP 17. Disabled toilet.

Disabled toilet. LTP 17.

Main hallway. LTP 18. Ladies toilet.

Ladies toilet. LTP 18.

Main hallway. LTP 19. Gents toilet.

Gents toilet. ELI 19.

Main hallway. LTP 20.

Main hallway. ELI 20A. Rear door.

Main hallway. ELI 20B. Overhead.

Assistants office. LTP 21.

Assistants office. ELI 21.

Remedial actions.

Is the system completely functional?

Enter remedial action.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.