Day Centre lounge. LTP 1. Day Centre corridor.

Rear exit. ELI 1.

Day Centre Lounge. LTP 2. Day Centre main doors.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2A.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2B.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2C.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2D.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2E.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2F.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2G.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2H.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2I.

Day Centre lounge. ELI 2J.

Day Centre kitchen. LTP 3. Day Centre kitchen front.

Day Centre kitchen front. ELI 3.

Day Centre kitchen. LTP 4. Day Centre kitchen rear.

Day Centre kitchen rear exit. ELI 4A.

Day Centre kitchen galley. ELI 4B.

Plant room 1. LTP 5.

Plant room 1. ELI 5.

Plant room 2. LTP 6.

Plant room 2. ELI 6.

Electrical switch room. LTP 7.

Electrical switch room. ELI 7.

Day Centre corridor. LTP 8. Beauty room.

Day Centre corridor. ELI 8A.

Day Centre corridor. ELI 8B.

Day Centre corridor. ELI 8C.

Day Centre corridor. ELI 8D.

Day Centre corridor. ELI 8E.

Day Centre disabled toilet. LTP 9.

Day Centre disabled toilet. ELI 9.

Day Centre gents. LTP 10.

Day Centre gents. ELI 10.

Day Centre ladies. LTP 11.

Day Centre ladies. ELI 11.

Lift. LTP 12. Lift room.

Lift room. ELI 12.

Lift. LTP 13. Lift room.

Lift car. ELI 13.

Lobby. LTP 14. Lobby front door.

Lobby. ELI 14. Lobby front door.

Lobby. LTP 15. Stairwell.

Stairwell. ELI 15A.

Stairwell. ELI 15B.

Stairwell. ELI 15C.

Stairwell. ELI 15D.

Stairwell. ELI 15E.

Regent Hall entrance. LTP 16.

Regent Hall entrance. ELI 16A. Main door.

Regent Hall entrance. ELI 16B. Overhead.

Regent Hall main. LTP 17.

Regent Hall main. ELI 17. Overhead.

Regent Hall rear door. LTP 18.

Regent Hall rear door. ELI 18A. Rear door.

Regent Hall rear door. ELI 18B. External 1.

Regent Hall rear door. ELI 18C. External 2.

Regent Hall. LTP 19. Stage.

Regent Hall. ELI 19A. Regent Hall door 1.

Regent Hall. ELI 19B. Regent Hall door 2.

Regent Hall kitchen. LTP 20.

Regent Hall kitchen. ELI 20.

Regent Hall. LTP 21. Rear corridor.

Regent Hall. ELI 21A. Rear corridor 1.

Regent Hall. ELI 21B. Rear corridor 2.

Regent Hall. ELI 21C. Rear corridor 3.

Regent Hall. LTP 22. Cafe lounge.

Regent Hall. ELI 22. Cafe lounge.

Regent Hall ladies toilet lobby. LTP 23.

Regent Hall ladies toilet lobby. ELI 23.

Regent Hall ladies toilet. LTP 24.

Regent Hall ladies toilet. ELI 24.

Regent Hall disabled toilet. LTP 25.

Regent Hall disabled toilet. ELI 25.

Regent Hall gents toilet lobby. LTP 26.

Regent Hall gents toilet lobby. ELI 26.

Regent Hall gents toilet. LTP 27.

Regent Hall gents toilet. ELI 27.

Regent Hall Cafe. LTP 28. Rear exit.

Regent Hall Cafe. ELI 28A. Rear exit sign.

Regent Hall Cafe. ELI 28B. Rear exit.

Regent Hall Cafe. ELI 28C. External 1.

Regent Hall Cafe. ELI 28D. External 2.

Remedial actions.

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