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Camera and Housing

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Check that the number of cameras, including lenses, are in accordance with the specification and system record.
Test the camera outputs and re-adjust focus and video levels as required
Clean both camera and housings and ensure lenses are dust free, interior of camera enclosures are clean and dry
Check all glands and seals on external equipment. Inspect integrity of housings, bracketry, enclosures and power supplies
Check the operation of infra-red power supplies and photocells for correct operation
Check for sound physical fixings of all equipment including loosening or corrosion of supports and fixings including towers and brackets
If PTZ or functional dome camera check operation of Pan and Tilt head zoom/focus and iris functions

Report on any changes in camera coverage due to temporary obstructions Ie. Foliage

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Cables and Wireless Transmission

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Check all cables, conduit and Copex's are properly supported and showing no signs of wear
Check termination and resistance of coaxial cables
Check that the signal is free of distortion, tearing, hum bars, EMI, and Rolling.
If wireless links ensure line of sight is still achievable and that there are no obstructions from new buildings, vegetation etc.

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Control Equipment

Condition report test

Make sure all video connectors are insulated from conduit and pull boxes
Monitors are free from picture distortion and have correct brightness and contrast.
Check all coaxial / IP connectors for loose connections
Check power connections are not loose or frayed
Check operation of digital video recorders, quad units, switchers, POE, etc and check validity of time and date on recordings
Carry out a test recording and view from the camera including preset positions and check against handover documentation.
If IP systems installed, check network switches, encoders, decoders, NVR's and management of system against back up taken at the time of handover.
Check keyboard operations including Pan, Tilt and Zoom. Focus iris, wipers, presets, auto pan, etc. If PC operated check virtual functionality on the computer

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