CampusVue Student File Overview

Have all FA disbursement receipts been printed?

Have all withdrawal letters been printed within 1 week of due date?

Enrollment Agreements

Student Sample pulled prior to audit

Enrollment Agreement

Student Name and Number

Is student information complete / correct?

(Name, SSN, Address, City/State, Zip, Telephone Number and DOB)

Is program information complete / correct?

(Title, Total Clock Hours, Total Credit Hours, Total Weeks, Type of Program)

Is class information complete / correct?

(Start Date, Class Days, Class Time, Completion Date)

Are all program costs listed correctly and accurately?

Has student initialed all terms associated with contract?

Has the certification statement been dated and signed correctly by the student?

Has the Enrollment Agreement been signed by applicant and school representative?

Does this student have any Federal VA Loans or Alternative Loans?

Enter loans here


Type of loan

Enter date loan was received in bank account
Enter date when loan was posted to student ledger

Period of time it took to post loan to ledger

Credit Memo's

Student Sample pulled prior to audit

Credit Memo

Enter Student Name and Number

Is Student Name listed correctly?

Is Student ID listed correctly

Is Program Name listed correctly?

Is the Start Date listed correctly?

Are Program Charges from Catalog Addendum posted correctly?

Is the Number of Weeks in Program listed correctly?

Are the AY Weeks posted correctly?

Are the weeks remaining after credits posted correctly?

Are taxes posted correctly (including STRF for CA schools)?

Does the credit memo have all needed signatures and dates?

Are the Course Names / Numbers listed correctly?

Are Clock Hours posted correctly?

Are Clock Hours for Term posted correctly?

Are the number of weeks in Term correct?

Have any Non-Tuition Credits been listed correctly?

Are the Start and End Dates for each AY listed correctly?

Re-entry Within 180 Worksheet

Student Sample pulled prior to audit


Enter Student Name and Number

Is Student Name correct?

Is Student ID correct?

Is Program Name listed correctly?

Are charges posted correctly?

Are the Weeks Remaining to be Completed upon Reentry posted correctly?

Are the AY Weeks listed correctly?

Are the Start and End Dates for each AY listed correctly?

Past Due over 60 days

Review of past due accounts over 60 days

Past Due Account

Student name and ID

How long since the student made a payment

How long since last contact was made with the student?

Were notes added to CampusVue after contact was made?

Has a payment plan been discussed with the student to bring them current?

Campus Processes and procedures

Cash Controls and Processes
Bank Deposits

Are funds collected being stored in a safe secure location?

Are checks recieved stamped "For Deposit Only" immeadiately after recieving from the student?

How often are bank deposits being made?

Who makes the deposit?

Are bank deposits closed out in CampusVue Daily?

Are deposits wating to be taken to the bank locked in a secure location?

Are the bank deposit receipts verified against CampusVue Deposit Reports?

What issues were found with bank deposits?

Petty Cash

Is petty cash stored in a secure location?

Is the petty cash being signed for when handed out?

Do the Receipts on file and cash on hand equal the total Petty Cash GL Amount?

Did petty cash in drawer tie back to petty cash report?

Are all reimbursements being properly coded according to the GL?

Is the Petty Cash Reconciliation being provided to the Accounting Department on a quartely basis?

Has Buisness Office Manager read the currenty Petty Cash Policy?

Are Petty Cash Funds being properly used according to the policy?

What issues were found with petty cash?

General Ledger Process

Do you know where the current GL mapping file is located?

This is an action item that should be addressed in the Campus Action Plan

Has the file been distributed to those responsible for coding expenses?

Who codes all Campus invoices?

Who approves all campus invoices?

What is the campus policy for approving invoices?

Student Collection Process

How often does the Business Office run a past due cash report?

How often are students contacted about past due amounts?

How are students contacted when account is past due

Are reciepts being provided to students to verify payment?

Is the Campus President notified about students who are past due over 60 days on a monthly basis?

How often are CampusVue Notes updated on collection issues?

What issues were found with the campus collection process

Bad Debt

Is the bad debt report sent out by Accounting reviewed on a monthly basis?

Have the previous months students that were identified as having the largest increase been contacted?

Is the Campus President involved in reviewing bad deb reports and student collection issues?

Have student accounts with remain outstanding balances or students being repackaged been communicated to Financial Aid?

What steps are taken to clear these balances from the Bad Debt Report?

What process do you use to follow up on these remaining balances or students being repackaged?


Inventory Process

Are all inventory discrepancies being researched

This is an action item that should be addessed in the Campus Action Plan

Who is receiving Inventory at the campus?

Who has access to the inventory / inventory room on campus?

Are all items in the shipment matched against the packing slip?

Are all deliveries being matched against a Purchase Order?

Are items being recieved in Workplace within 24 hours?

Is there a process in place to handle discrepancies found on a shipment?

This is an action item that should be addessed in the Campus Action Plan

How often is inventory reconciled?

Does the campus have a documented policy to return inventory items?

This is an action item that should be addessed in the Campus Action Plan

Work Place
Who is ordering Inventory
Who has access to Workplace.

What are the responsiblities within workplace of those identified?

Are releases being performed within 24 hours after inventory is handed out?

This is an action item that should be addessed in the Campus Action Plan

What issues were found with Workplace

Book Margin

Is the book margin accrual report sent by Accounting at the end of the month being reviewed?

How often do you communicate book template changes to Accounting?

Does the BOM have a clear understanding of the Book Margin Process?

Are book margins kept between 35%-45% each month?

Are non-inventory items being placed to Inventory GL Accounts?



Student being interviewed


Enter Student Name and Number

How would you rate the Business Office in customer service?

Enter comments

How is Business Office Customer Service at the Campus?

Do you have any suggestions that you would like to share?

What more can the Business office do for the Student Population?

Management Staff

Department being interviewed


Department and Manager's Name being interviewed

How would you describe the customer service the BOM and the student body?

How does the BOM provide assistance to your dept and how does your dept provide assistance to the Business Office?

Are there any areas that impact your deparment that could use improvement and more assistance from to Buisiness Office.

Campus President / Operation Manager

Director being interviewed


Director's Name being interviewed

Which skillset of the BOM or function of the Business office has been most useful to you and / or the campus

Which function of the Business Office and / or responsibilities of the Business Office Manager could use the most improvement?

How would you describe the customer service that the BOM provides the to the campus and student body

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.