Activity/ Equipment

Controls in place

Manual Handling

Check to ensure that heavy product is stored below shoulder height for ease of handling.

Check any Lifting Aids in the department are in working order including any up-rights.

Check all team are wearing appropriate shoes for the department eg: closed toe shoes.


Check entire floor area for any hazards including stock, spillages and equipment.

Check availability of wet floor signs for isolating any hazards.

Check drain grates for damage.


Check earmuffs available for team operating bandsaw.

Check emergency stop button is working and accessible.

Check all safety guards are in place and used. Ensure interlock is working on door.

Check that daily pre-start checks are been completed.

Check to ensure only trained team are using bandsaw. Ensure bandsaw is in a location where operator is not likely to get knocked. Ensure no loose clothing is been worn. Operating instructions on display.

Unsure users are having regular breaks.

Slicer- Manual/ Semi Auto

Check Slicer including guards for any damage and ensure team are wearing two mesh gloves when cleaning and turn off the power.

Check that guard prevents access to blade, check team are aware to keep hands away from slicer while slicer is operating.

Check to ensure blade is at zero when machine not in use.


Ensure PPE is available to protect against cold temperatures.

Check condition of the following for damage/ potential to cause injury - racking, stacking of goods, floor for ice build up, flaps, door and door release mechanism, fan guarding, lighting and lighting covers, sprinkler heads. Tag out if any noted.

Check lock in alarm and area around door is accessible and alarm is working.

Check team are trained and know what to do in the event of a gas leak.


Check condition of the following for damage/ potential to cause injury - racking, stacking of goods, floor, flaps, door and door release mechanism, fan guarding, lighting and lighting covers, sprinkler heads.

Check lock in alarm and area around door is accessible and alarm is working.

Check team are trained and know what to do in the event of a gas leak.


Check for any damage to mincer including plunger.

Check guards on mincer are operational.

Ensure team are having regular breaks.


Check all knives in the department are safely stored on magnetic knife holder and not on benches or in sink of water.

Complete random check of two team members for their awareness not to walk around department with a knife and use of PPE when using a knife.

Check to ensure that there are no knives left unattended on benches in the department.

Visitors/ Merchandisers

Check any visitors/ contractors on site to ensure they have signed in and are wearing a visitor sticker.

If not signed in show them the visitors book and explain our H&S policy and store hazards.

Check that any visitors are wearing appropriate footwear. (closed toe shoes).

Electrical Appliances including power points, radio's, air con units, fly zappers

Check that all appliances have been serviced in last 12 months and have a test and tag sticker on them.

Check power cords to appliances are not causing a trip hazard.

Retail Cases- Including pet food and freezer

Check for leaks along all retail cases.

Check to ensure there is no visible signs of damage to case including Lighting/ Case/ Data strip/ Signage/ Merchandise units/ Covers.

Check stacking of product on shelves to ensure no risk of falling off and causing a hazard.

Storage areas including Managers desk

Check, remove and tag out any defective shelves that are found.

Check to ensure area is free from trip hazards. No pins used in fresh departments.

Check that all stored goods including folders are stored correctly.

Pallet Jack

Check that all pallet jacks which are not in use are stored correctly with forks under a pallet.

Check any pallet jacks for damage and tag out if any faults noted.

Check team are wearing appropriate shoes when using pallet jack eg: steel capped shoes.

Check two team are used when moving heavy loads and unstable loads are re-stacked prior to moving.

Ladders/ Orange Steps

Check for any visible signs of damage including rubber stops on all ladders/ Orange steps in the department.

Check that team aren't continuously reaching above head height to get product from shelving.

Check that team don't use ladders on uneven surfaces, don't lean away for ladders/ orange steps while using them and always maintain three points of contact.


Check department for non Jasol chemicals and remove incorrect product from department.

Check that the Chemical Safety charts are on display in the department and that the MSDS sheets are in the departments 5 Steps to Food Safety folder.

Check that team have available and use PPE as per outlined on the Chemical Safety wall charts.


Has the department/ area got adequate lighting to compete tasks or are there blown bulbs?

Check all lights have diffusers (covers).

Check for any damaged/ faulty lighting. Lights only to be changed and fixed by qualified electrician.

High Pressure Hose

Check MSDS sheet is on display in the department.

Check team have appropriate footwear to use when cleaning up.

Check team understanding on use of correct PPE and chemicals as per MSDS sheet.

Sink/ Hand Basin Area

Check the area is free from hazards including damaged benches.

Water Blaster

Check to ensure area is free from hazards.

Check to ensure team are aware of rules around not pointing water blaster at anyone while in operation.

Check to ensure water blaster has been serviced in last 12 months and for any signs of damage.

Carton Cutters

Is blade container accessible for safe disposal of used blades.

Check for signs of safe use of carton cutters.

Check department for signs of safe storage of any un-used carton cutters.


Check for safe storage of trays.

Check, remove and tag out any defective trays found.

Flaps and screens into department and chillers

Remind team of the need to be careful when pulling up-rights through flaps/ Screens.

Check and remove any damaged flaps/ Screens in the department.

Fire Equipment

Check exits from the department are free from obstructions.

Check department for fire warden arm band.

Check for missing/ damage to signage, mounts and seals.

Check equipment is fully charged (if gauge fitted)and has been serviced in last 12 months.

Check that all equipment including Extinguishers, Hoses, Call Points and signage is visible and accessible.


Check machine for any damage.

Check blades are not accessible when tenderiser in use.

Auto Wrapper

Check to ensure team are not wear loose items when on wrapper.

Ensure team are having regular breaks.

Check machine for any wear and tear including cutting blade.

Ensure hot surface sign is on machine.

Check emergency stop button working.

Up-Rights/ Trollies/ Flatdecks

Check stacking of product on up-right/ trolley/ Flatdecks.

Check for damage to equipment including sharp edges.

Check for damage and faults to wheels on up-rights/ Trolleys/ Flatdecks.

Wrapper- Manual

Check to ensure team are not exposed to excessive use.

Check hot surface labels are on wrapper.

Check for any damage to cord or power outlet and tag out if damaged.

Rf Gun

Check safe storage of RF guns in the department.

Check two team members understanding around no pointing laser at peoples eyes.

Dealing with customers and third parties

Have department managers completed the customer accident and food complaints procedures module.

Check all other team are aware to pass these people into trained management.

Emergency Awareness check

Check department for warden arm band.

Check 4 team for their awareness of their role in case of fire and earthquake.

First aid kit

Check contents of First Aid Kit against list in intranet.

PPE Check

Check to ensure all department PPE is available and in good condition.

training records

Check Management for training on Customer accident and food complaints, indentifying Significant hazards module.

Check all Team training records including hazard matrix and modules to ensure they are up to date.

Signage check

Check to ensure all listed signage is in place.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.