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Please attempt to answer ALL questions. Where there may be any ambiguity or possible misunderstanding put a comment after your Yes/No or N/A answer to clarify, and add a photo as evidence of any non-conformances.

General Appearance

  • Are aisles and walkways clear (approx. 1 metre clearance)?

  • Are chairs/benches in good condition?

  • Is storage/racking/shelving in this area safe & suitable for use?

  • Floors, steps, stairs in good condition?

  • Are all signs, shelves & storage areas in place and correctly marked?

  • Are waste bins & cup receptacles properly located and being used correctly?

  • Are any electrical & services distribution board cabinets obstructed by machines or equipment/furniture?

  • Are waste containers & drums the correct type, labelled correctly & being used correctly (waste streams segregated)?

  • Are all floor areas correctly painted/marked?

  • Are all fire extinguishers present in their stands, and are they still ready to use (i.e. full, with safety pin still in place)?

  • Are flammable cabinets being used correctly (i.e. no combustible materials stored in them that could sustain a fire)?


  • Has the operative been trained in the use of the equipment? When? (check date(s)

  • Has a risk assessment been carried out for the task?

  • Consider whether the task is safe, or whether it should be stopped until a risk assessment has confirmed that the task is safe/adequate controls have been put in place

  • Are machinery guards in good condition and free from any defects?

  • Are all controls functional and clearly marked?

  • Are safety locks working correctly?

  • Are all machine daily safety check sheets completed and up to date?

  • Are appropriate tools for machine use and part loading present and in safe condition?

  • Are cheater bars or home made tools used in the cell?

  • Consider removing tool from the cell - or at very least show the cell supervisor/manager, who should take appropriate action

  • Has the cell supervisor/shift manager initialed the daily check sheet to verify it is being correctly completed at least once this week?

Procedures & Guidance

  • Is intranet access available for viewing all HS&E documentation?

  • Are SOPs / Standard Work instructions available for the selected process and hazards mentioned?

  • Has there been any significant process change or deviation noted requiring a new risk assessment?

  • Ask to see Risk Assessment with operative - check understanding of any changes made

  • Make recommendation to supervisor to update Risk Assessment urgently

Lifting Equipment (if used)

  • Is lifting equipment tagged and tested?

  • Are eyebolts / shackles in good condition?

  • Are lifting strops in good condition?

  • Are lifting gantries / fixed equipment in good condition?

  • Is mobile lifting equipment in good condition?

  • Are operatives trained in the use of lifting equipment? (check certificate validity)

Handling and Storage

  • Have all employees received manual handling training?

  • Is storage racking / shelving in good condition?

  • Are storage areas clean & tidy?


  • Are all employees aware of first aid procedures and trained first aiders?

  • Is general ventilation satisfactory?

  • Are there any fumes or dusts from processes?

  • Are all necessary safety signs in place - and are they legible?

  • Is all fire protection equipment, signs, evacuation notices etc. correctly displayed and in test date?

  • Are all necessary PPE available and being worn correctly (safety glasses, hearing protection, safety shoes, gloves etc.)?

  • Are there nominated Evacuation Primes and do people know what to do in the event of an emergency?

Hazardous Substances

  • Are coolants being properly managed and used?

  • Is appropriate specialist PPE for handling chemicals (including coolants & oils etc.) such as gloves, face protection & respiratory protection where appropriate available and in place?

  • Is extraction in place and working (where appropriate)

  • Is location of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) known and available to operators and cell supervision?


  • Are there any leaks or other emissions that could harm the Environment? (Water, oil, compressed air)

  • Are energy saving measures in place and working - e.g. unnecessary lights switched off, sensors, air leaks, auto stops etc.?

Other Safety Issues

  • Are there any other safety issues that must be considered?

  • Please list here


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