Has the previous audit been reviewed?

Are there any outstanding actions or items?


Are crew qualifications current and appropriate for operation?

Are crew numbers correct for vessel operation?
(refer AMSA regulations)

Do crew hours fall within STCW95 Standards for fatigue management?

Are crew dressed appropriately?

Footwear appropriate?

PPE supplied, good in condition and used?

Has Drug and Alcohol test been undertaken IAW with DAMP?


Life rafts stowed properly and in test?

Hydrostatic releases in test?

Life ring names intact and correct?

Life ring light/s operating?

Life ring lanyards in good condition?

Life jackets compliant and in good condition?

Fire extinguishers in test?

Fire hoses in test?

Fire hoses reach all areas of the vessel?

Fire pum/s tested and satisfactory?

Fire buckets on board (minimum two if required)?

Fire axe in good condition, sharp and stowed properly?

Fire blanket in galley or cooking area and tested?

Engine room smothering system in test?

All safety equipment stowed properly?

Has the crew een trained in the proper use of all safety equipment on board?

Is MOB retrieval device and equipment effective?

Rescue boat maintained and motor run recently?

Safety briefing to passengers done every trip?

Life jackets demonstrated to passengers every trip?

Adequate safety placarding in place?

Muster station signage in place?

All safety signage on vessel adequate and in good condition?

Is signage on emergency shutdowns and controls adequate?

Gangway / boarding steps used at marina?

Flares, mirror etc on board and up to date?

Torches on board and working?

First aid kit right category and in test?

EPIRB registered with AMSA and in test?


All machinery in good working order?

All machinery spaces clean?

Fuel shutoffs tested and operating?

Engine room and other machinery space dampers tested and operating?

Sewerage treatment plant operating and service records available?


Electrical systems checked and annual certificate issued?

Air conditioner filters serviced and recorded?

Test and tag of portable equipment up to date?

All engine room fans are able to be shutoff from outside the engine rooms?

All electronic equipment operational?

Distribution boards labelled for correct voltage?

Circuit breakers labelled?

Switch boards free of obstructions?

Battery switches labelled?

Battery boxes labelled?

Battery spaces well ventilated?

Emergency evacuation lights tested and checked?


Logbooks up to date?

Vessel SMS up to date with data relevant to the vessel?

Emergency procedure checklist on board?

ACBPS Maritime Capability emergency contact list available?

Safety equipment inspected and details recorded?

Safety equipment test records maintained?

Compass deviation card displayed in wheelhouse?

Vessel registration certificate on board?

Load line certificate on board?

Sewerage discharge records kept?

Oil discharge records kept?

Garbage discharge records kept?

Refueling log and refueling procedures kept?

Fire equipment service records kept?

Hazard and near miss forms onboard?

Maintenance plan for vessel on board?

Maintenance records kept?

Operating manuals on board for equipment?

Is there a system to request maintenance in place?

Are the planned maintenance schedules available for maintenance?

Are electronic charts on board for the area of operation?

Are electronic charts up to date and not older than three months?

Is there a tide book on board?

Are there binoculars on board?

Appropriate flags and day shapes on board?

Are Notice to Mariners provided weekly?

Are crew inductions complete?

Is the emergency drill register up to date?

Is the Cyclone Contingency Plan on board?

Is there a copy of port procedures on board?

Sewerage Management Plan on board?

Is there a Hazardous Substance Register on board?

MSDS Register kept?

Decanted chemicals labelled properly?

Confined space register maintained?

Confined space procedure on board?

Working at heights procedures on board?

Isolation register maintained?

Policies and procedures manual maintained?


Fire drills conducted?

MOB drills conducted?

Flooding drills conducted?

Collision drills conducted?

Grounding drills conducted?

Abandon ship drills conducted?

Anchor drills conducted?

Does the crew have confined space training?

Does the crew have heights training?

Radio training for crew undertaken?

Other training undertaken? (List)

Tool Box meetings held and documented?


Vessel clean and tidy?

Equipment stowed properly?

Decks clear of equipment / rubbish?

Evacuation pathways clear of obstructions?

Spill kit available for refueling?

Confined spaces labelled?

Gas sniffer on board?

Gas sniffer in current test?

Anchor points for working at heights labelled?

Mooring lines in good condition?

Anchor winch and anchor serviceable?

All navigation lights functioning?

Emergency steering checked and functional?

Lifting equipment inspected and tested?

Tag out system used?

Toilets clean and serviceable?

General signage adequate?

Engine rooms easily accessible?

Hatches sealed with watertight seals?

Deck areas non slip?

Rails around decks adequate?

Rubbish bins provided and emptied regularly?

Fuel vent pipes have flame arrestor gauze fitted?

Vent pipes protected against water ingress?

Pipes colour coded?

Pipes labelled?

Bunding around fueling points?

All bilge pumps tested and operational?

Bilge pump high water float switches / alarms tested and operational?


Crew areas clean and tidy?

Drinking water provided?

Is there adequate lighting?

Is there adequate ventilation?

Are there sufficient showers and toilets for all on board?

Is there adequate storage for crew belongings?

Is there a bed for every crew member?


Incident reporting forms available?

Are accidents and incidents reported?

MSQ incident reporting forms available?

Investigations conducted into incidents?

Rehabilitation process understood?

WHS policy displayed on board?

Drug and Alcohol Policy displayed?



Signature of Master
Signature of Auditor
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.