Title Page

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

Walk the Walk


  • Awning out and it good repair

  • A Board displaying correct POS

  • Windows Clean

  • Furniture Clean and Clear

  • Pavement Litter Free

  • Signage Clean and all lights working


  • Doormat clean

  • Wood and Tile Floors debris free

  • High levels dust free

  • Light Bulbs in working order

  • Music at correct volume

  • Temperature at right level

  • Vents and AirCon dust free

  • General Cleanliness at required standard


  • Clean and Fresh smelling

  • Soap and Toilet paper fully stocked

  • Check List up to date

Six Steps

  • Smile and Greet

  • Serve

  • Sell

  • Stamp and Pay

  • Sugar

  • Say Thank you and Goodbye

Batista Priorities

  • Customer is King

  • Clean and Clear

  • Restock

  • Wash Up


  • Dailly Coffee Check complete

  • Maestro File up to date

  • Drink served to standard

Marketing and Merchandising

  • Remote Fridge volume and VIP range adequate

  • Cake Fridge clean and fully stocked

  • Pastry Rack full and correctly merchandised

  • POS in line with current brief


  • Did anyone stand out today by making a positive difference

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