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CCP5 - Maintaining PIPS, WP5 - Maintaining Phytosanitary Security during PPQI

  • Has Zespri been notified in advance of inspections

  • Inspection area clean, pest and contaminant free and signed of by Zespri QA

  • Confirm that the product matches the Pallet List

  • Has required equipment been calibrated correctly, eg Scales, Penetrometer, lighting

PPQI Inspection

  • QUAL-INFO-019 Kiwifruit Decision Criteria being followed correctly

  • Are any actionable rots found verified by a CCP2 ZAP

  • All rejects from the process segregated from other product by 1m

  • Results recorded electronically or manually on QUAL-FORM- 004 PPQI Inspection Record or QUAL-FORM-094 Non-Zespri Kiwifruit PPQI-Repack form

  • Packs are covered during breaks

  • Inspected and passed packs are stamped and returned to the correct pallet

  • C stamp is placed in the correct position, depending on pack type

  • ISO date of inspection recorded on the pallet card

  • Failed pallets are identified with a REPACK sign showing pallet number, KPIN's, reason for failure and ISO date

  • Product check by Auditor

Organic Fruit

  • Is Organic fruit being checked

  • Has Organic clean down been completed and recorded.

  • Donor Fruit MUST meet ALL market status including Organic

ISPM Verification

  • Pallet bases ISPM compliant, not damaged, free from dirt, debris and other contamination

  • CCP2 ZAP to verify ISPM15 status of all new pallets used in the process and record in Freshtouch or QUAL-FORM-004

Donor Fruit

  • All donor fruit must have the at least the same market status

  • All donor pallets/packs are identified electronically with and IJ hold and identified in Coolstore with a Donor Pallet sign

  • Details of donor fruit used are recorded in FreshTouch or QUAL-FORM-004

Verification of Inspection

  • Is PPQI undertaken by a non-ZAP under ZAP supervison

  • CPP5 ZAP to inspect every 8th passed pallet

  • If discrepancies are found re-evaluate status of all pallets inspected by non ZAP. Retrain or remove from inspection

  • Is PPQI undertaken by a CCP5 ZAP

  • Tray swap with another CCP5 every 8th passed pallet

  • Verified pallets and/or any corrective actions are recorded in FreshTouch or QUIAL-FORM-004

  • CCP5 ZAP to verify PIPS have been maintained by printing and signing the PPQI summary report from FreshQuality om a daily basis.


  • Do staff have training records

Uncontrolled Documentation

  • Have there been any uncontrolled documentation sighted

Additional Comments

  • Any additional Comments

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