Helmet Details

Make (where applicable)

CE Number or Standard

Number or Colour Coding

Visual Checks
Photo of Connector

Picture of Karabiner


Main Body

Turn on guidance

• Look for wear and damage due to spine and basket (bent, wear, corrosion, cracks)


Turn on guidance

• Check that the gate is in good working order (wear, corrosion, bent, cracks)
• Check that the gate is aligned and clicks into the nose
• For 2-way karabiners, check the screw does up into the nose and doesn't slip
• For 3-way karabiners ensure the gate pivots and automatically snaps into the nose
• Check that all rivets are in good order


Turn on guidance

Detail here any defects found on the product that might require repairing or if the helmet is to be rejected and destroyed

Outcome of inspection

Re-inspection Date
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