• Project Number

  • Project Title

  • Project Type

  • Inspection Date/Time

  • Project Manager

  • Construction Team

  • Construction Team Representative

  • Site Location



  • Have noise complaints been received, if yes, have they been appropriately managed?

  • Have noise barriers/controls been installed?

  • Is any plant/equipment/machinery creating excessive noise?

Community Consultation

  • Has community consultation been undertaken prior to works commencing?

  • Have environmental risks/nuisances (i.e noise) been conveyed to stakeholders?

Air Quality

  • Have stockpiles been stabilised to reduce dust generation?

  • Have air quality complaints been received, if yes, have they been appropriately managed?

  • Is dust suppression/management occuring on-site?

  • Are loads with the potential to generate dust exiting the site covered?

  • Are disturbed areas restored/covered to minimise dust generation?

  • Are all vehicles/machinery checked regularly for emissions?

Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)

  • Does the site have a site specific ASS management plan (ASSMP) implemented?

  • Does the construction methodology comply with the ASSMP?

  • Are treatment agent dosing rates being recorded?

  • Is pre/post testing being undertaken (water and soil)?

  • Are water/soil results within adopted guideline levels?

  • Have treatment bunds/storage bunds been built as per ASSMP specifications?

Waste Management

  • Is the site free of litter and excess construction waste?

  • Are waste bins regularly emptied to avoid overflow etc?

  • Have daily inspections been implemented on-site?

  • Has the concrete wash-out bay been constructed correctly (lined,signed)?

  • Is waste being recycled/segregated?

  • Has green waste been mulched?

Vegetation / Flora

  • Do clearing works comply with project approvals/permits?

  • Do rehabilitation works comply with approval/plan/permit?

  • Does excavation work adjacent to trees comply with AS4970?

  • Have tree protection/no-go zones been demarcated?

  • Are weeds being managed on-site?


  • Do clearing works comply with project approvals/permits (i.e. spotter/catcher)?

  • Do rehabilitation works comply with approval/plan/permit?

  • Have fauna controls been installed within open trenches (i.e.branches for egress)?

  • Have all injured animals been reported and managed appropriately?

Hazardous Materials

  • Are all hazardous materials stored in a bunded container?

  • Is a spill kit retained on-site?

  • Have all spills been cleaned up appropriately and contaminated material disposed?

  • Is asbestos being appropriately managed and disposed?

Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC)

  • Are areas being progressively stabilised?

  • Is water being treated/managed prior to discharge?

  • Is the site free from scour, gully erosion etc?

  • Are water quality results within adopted guidelines?

  • Are roadways clear of sediment?

  • Have stockpiles been stabilised/protected?

  • Are all works in compliance with the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan?

  • Has the weather forecast been checked and recorded?

  • Have ESC structures been constructed as per best practice?

  • Are ESC structures regularly inspected/maintained?

Environmental Documentation

  • Have the environmental checklists been completed?

  • Has the environmental policy been displayed?

  • Is the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) retained on-site?

  • Have all employees been inducted to the EMP?

  • Have waste tracking forms been completed accurately?

Cultural Heritage

  • Are all works in compliance with the cultural heritage plan and duty of care?

  • Have cultural heritage complaints been managed appropriately?

  • Weighting Adjusted

  • Signature

Action Items

  • Action Items

  • Action Item
  • Corrective Action

  • Observation, Minor Non-Conformance, Major Non-Conformance

  • Due Date

  • Assigned To

  • Closed Out

  • General Comments

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