1 Trades

  • 1.1 - Do all trades currently on site have their white/red cards available to show?

  • 1.2 - Do all trades have their equipment & leads currently tested & tagged?

  • 1.3 - Do all trades have SWMS if the site is high risk?

  • 1.4 - Do all trades have MSDS information available where needed?

  • 1.5 - Do all trades have an adequately supplied first aid kit?

  • 1.6 - Does each trade/sub-contractor have a designated, qualified first aid officer?

  • 1.7 - Do all trades have appropriate work clothes & PPE?

  • 1.8 - Are trades cleaning up after themselves?

  • 1.9 - Are trades wearing steel capped boots?

  • 1.10 - Are trades wearing hearing/eye protection when operating machinery/tools?

  • 1.11 - Are trades aware of the location of the HPPL Site Safety Plan?

  • 1.12 - Are trades suspending their electrical leads from ground level?

  • 1.13 - Are trades using any electrical equipment within 25 meters from the meterbox?

2 Site establishment

  • 2.1 Is the site fenced with no panels missing/removed and able to be locked up after hours?

  • 2.2 Are fence panels undamaged and in good condition?

  • 2.3 Is there proper Hermitage Homes signage visible that includes builders details, permit number, full site address, medical info, safety office details, emergency contacts etc?

  • 2.4 Is there appropriate drinking facilities?

  • 2.5 Are there sufficient eating areas?

  • 2.6 Are trades cleaning up their food scraps, containers & wrapping from lunch & morning/afternoon breaks?

  • 2.7 Is the Hermitage Site Safety Plan available in the meterbox or elsewhere onsite that is easily accessible?

  • 2.8 Is there appropriate signage for any hazardous work? Eg grinders, saws etc.

3 Site condition

  • 3.1 Are areas outside of perimeter fences clear of materials & rubbish?

  • 3.2 Have any trenches or holes that have been left open been covered or had barricading installed?

  • 3.3 Are trash bins/cages empty or sufficiently empty to contain any further rubbish placed within?

  • 3.4 Are ingress & egress paths clear of materials & rubbish?

  • 3.5 Are the designated areas for storing materials being maintained?

  • 3.6 Are any trip & fall hazards left exposed been highlighted, covered or removed?


  • 4.1 Has the scaffolding been constructed by a licensed scaffolder?

  • 4.2 Does the scaffold have clear access points?

  • 4.3 Are scaffolds clear of any rubbish or waste material?

  • 4.4 Are sole plates adequate & maintained?

  • 4.5 Is the scaffold properly braced & tied in to the building?

  • 4.6 Is the scaffold as originally constructed without any evidence of changes, alterations or tampering?

  • 4.7 Are toe boards, handrails and ladders in place for work over 2 meters?

  • 4.8 Do mobile scaffolds have full working decks fitted?

  • 4.9 Are lockable wheels or jacks & sole plates being used appropriately?

Working at heights

  • 5.1 Are access ladders for second story work tied off?

  • 5.2 Do ladders extend 900mm past platform height?

  • 5.3 Are fall protection systems as originally constructed, without any evidence if changed, alterations or tampering?

  • 5.4 Are 2m fall zones clear where applicable?

  • 5.5 Are ladders in good condition & restricted to A 2m working height?

  • 5.6 Are trenches over 1.5 meters being shored or benched?

  • 5.7 Are trenches barricaded off?

  • 5.8 Are access ladders suitable for trench or excavation work?

  • 5.9 Are post holes covered or bunted off?


  • 6.1 Are accident/incident/injury reports completed?

  • 6.2 Are supervisors recording meeting notes regarding any discussions & toolbox meetings occurring on site?

  • 6.3 Are mechanical aids being used where possible for manual handling? Eg hoists, trolleys etc

  • 6.4 Are manual handling skills being applied?

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