Previous Inspections

  • Are there any Outstanding Actions from Previous Inspection?

  • Provide details and add to action plan

General Management

  • Is there sufficient space for people and equipment within the room?

  • Has a basic office risk assessment been undertaken?

  • Is there a suitable lone working procedure in place if appropriate?

  • Have DSE assessments been undertaken?

  • Are actions arising from the DSE assessments implemented?

  • Is the lighting suitable?

  • Is there adequate ventilation?

  • Does the temperature appear suitable?

  • Are levels of noise within the office acceptable?

  • Is the workplace clean and tidy?

  • Are walkways clear and unobstructed?

  • Is there correct storage of items?

  • Is any shelving/ racking suitable for the load/ use?

  • Are filing cabinets fitted with devices to prevent more than one drawer opening at a time?

  • If appropriate are window restrainers fitted and operational?

  • Is the fabric and condition of the office suitable for the tasks and activities?

  • Are the ceiling/s in good repair, no evidence of loose fittings and / or water ingress?

  • Do you have any concerns with regard to the communal areas adjacent to your office/offices?

Electrical Safety

  • Are portable electrical appliances PAT tested and is the label in date?

  • Are photocopiers regularly serviced and positioned in well ventilated areas?

  • Is there an avoidance of trailing cables?

  • Are there sufficient electrical sockets, evidence of sockets being overloaded?

  • Are multi-way block adaptors used?

  • Do staff refrain from bringing personal electrical items into the workplace?

  • Are fluids kept well away from electrical equipment/ sockets?


  • Do staff know who the fire wardens are?

  • Have PEEPS (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) been completed where appropriate?

  • Are fire wardens aware of the contents of the PEEPs for relevant staff?

  • Are fire alarm call points visible and unobstructed?

  • Is there adequate emergency lighting?

  • Are fire exits clearly signed / indicated?

  • Do any locked doors release on activation of the fire alarm?

First Aid

  • Are there an adequate number of first aiders available?

  • Is there easy access to a first aid box?

  • Is the first aid box well stocked and contents in date?

  • Please send completed form to your Local Safety Officer and the Health and Safety Services Team Inbox

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