MEWP Plant Check - Documentation

  • Is operators handbook provided and is it legable?

  • Is the Insurance inspection certificate within 6 months of issue?

  • Is the Safe Working Load easily idenfiable on the machine?



  • Are you checking the Boss Scissor Lift

  • Check oil leaks by visual inspection of the floor around the base unit and by feeling underneath the base unit tray.

  • Check there are no loose electrical fittings and sensors by visual inspection

  • Ensure there is no chafed hydraulic hose or electrical cables by visual inspection

  • Check condition of castors, tyres and brakes by visual inspection

  • Check structure - guardrails, platform, scissors and chassiss (eg damage, cracks, corrosion, abrasions, welds, connections)

  • Visually inspect castellated scissor nuts and the split pin retainers

  • Ensure there are no obscured, dirty or damaged instruction labelling and plates

  • Check that the emergency stop function on the handset is serviceable

  • Check that the emergency stop function on the base unit is serviceable

  • Check emergency lowering of platform

  • Check raise and lower functions including descent delay
    (the raise and lower functions can be tested by removing the handset controller from its holder on the work platform and using the controls whilst at ground level)

  • Check that without the swivel castor brakes applied and on a level surface raise the platform until, the auto-fixed castor brakes are engaged. Try to push the machine from the left and right hand side of the gate end of the machine to ensure the brakes are functioning

  • Switch on power and ensure that the tilt sensor alarm sounds to confirm operation

  • Switch on power and check that the battery is fully charged


  • Are you checking the Genie Scissor Lift?

  • Check for battery fluid leaks and proper fluid level

  • Check for hydraulic oil leaks and proper oil level, add oil if needed

  • Check entire Machine for:
    Cracks in welds or structural components;
    Dents or damage to machine;
    Excessive rust, corrosion or oxidation
    Be sure that all structural and other critical components are present and all associated fasteners aand pins are in place and properly tightened.

  • Visually Check electrical components, wiring, electrical cables, battery pack and connections

  • Visually Check hydraulic power unit, tank, hoses, fittings, cylinders and manifolds

  • Visually Check Drive motors

  • Visually Check tires and Wheels and check wear on pads

  • Visually check Ground Strap

  • Check Limit switches, alarms and horn

  • Check nuts, bolts and other fasteners

  • Check platform entry chain on gate

  • Check Beacon and alarms (if Equipped)

  • Check Brake release components

  • Check Safety Arm

  • Check Pothole Guards

  • Check Platform Extension

  • Check Scissor Pins

  • Check Platform Control Joystick

  • Check:
    Side Rails are installed and bolts are fastened


  • Are you Checking the Skyjack Vertical Mast?

  • Ensure all labels are in place and are legible

  • Check all wiring harnesses and hydraulic/electrical wiring harnesses for chafed, corroded and loose wires

  • Ensure limit switches are properlyu secured with no signs of visible damage and movement is not obstructed

  • Hydraulics. Perform a visual inspection around the following:
    hoses and fittings
    Hydraulic Cylinder
    All Hydraulic Manifolds
    The underside of the base
    Gound area under the aerial platform

  • Main Power Disconnect Switch, Base Control Switches and Battery Charger - Ensure all cables are secure and switches show no visible damage

  • Tires and Wheels - Check
    All tire treads and sidewalls for cuts, cracks, punctures and unusual wear
    Check wheels for damage and cracks
    Check each lug nut for porper torque
    Check wheel motor assembly for loose or missing parts ans signs of visible damage
    Ensure wheels are aligned and true vertically and horizonally

  • Platform Assembly
    Ensure all railings are properly positioned and secure
    Ensure all fasteners are securely in place
    Ensure gate is in good working order
    Ensure there are no loose or missing parts and there is no visible damage
    Ensure platform foot pedal is in good working order and no loose or missing parts and there is no visible damage

  • Lanyard Attachment Anchors
    Ensure that attachment anchors are secure and no visible damage

  • Platform Control Console
    Ensure all switches and controller are returned to neutral and are properly secured
    Ensure there are no loose or missing parts and there is no visible damage


  • Are you Checking the Upright TL 49?

MEWP Plant Check

  • Is operators handbook provided

  • Is the Insurance inspection certificate within 6 months of issue?

  • Are Water/Coolant Levels Sufficient

  • Is oil level sufficient

  • Is the Insurance inspection certificate within 6 months of issue?

  • Is fuel level sufficient

  • Hydraulic fluid sufficient and no leaks in the system

  • Batteries charged, free from corrosion, electrolyte levels adequate

  • Tyres free from significant damage and at correct pressure

  • Is there any damage to body of machine including handrails

  • Is machine clean and free from debris

  • Are machine start and emergency stop buttons functional

  • Audible alarms and lights working

  • All controls working

  • All safety devices working

  • Brakes working and efficent

  • Operatives name / Competent Person

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