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Nitro Drilling Exploration Rig

  • Rig Number:

  • Client:

  • Drill Rig and Support Vehicles/Compressor

  • Picture of Site set up with crew vehicles and Rig set up.

  • Tyres-Condition and pressures are in safe working order ? (including spares)

  • Head,tail,brake,indicator,reversing and clearance lights are operational?

  • Radio Communications fitted and operational?

  • Flashing Beacon fitted and operational?

  • Reversing alarm operational?

  • Windscreen and washers operational?

  • Seat Belts fitted and operational?

  • Horn Operational?

  • Park and Service brakes operational?

  • Visual Check, no oil/water/fluid leaks?

  • Condition of cabin, doors and panels?

  • Wheel chocks?

  • Emergency Triangles?

  • Batteries secure? Connections and isolation switches fitted?

  • Radiator in good condition?

  • Towing points adequate?

  • Pre Starts completed on all vehicles and equipment?

  • Maintenance and service records up to date?

  • Current Roadworthy and Registration?

  • Picture of each Vehicle

Fire Extinguishers - All Vehicles

  • Adequate and Appropriate type?

  • Charged and tagged on all vehicles?

  • Easily accessible and secure?

  • Fire suppression system fitted and charged?

  • Picture of Fire suppression

First Aid Kits - Vehicles

  • First Aid station identifiable (signage) and location accessible to crew?

  • First Aid kits stocked and in date?

  • Trauma Kit and snake bite kit available

Drilling Rig Equipment

Environmental Hazardous Substances

  • Hazardous Substances stored correctly, adequate location and labelled?

  • MSDS available and current?

  • Spill Kit approved and stocked?


  • Current test tags on tools, adequate condition and storage?

  • RCD fitted to generator?

  • VRD fitted to AC Welders?

  • Cylinders upright and contained and stored appropriately?

  • Flash Back Arrestors both ends?

  • Gauges and hoses inspected?

  • Connectors and wiring ok?

Drill Rig Hand and Power Tools

  • Power / Hand Tools in good condition and operational?

  • Handles fitted?

  • General Tool Condition? (Mushrooming)

  • Wrench - Stilson Jaws?

  • Tool storage is adequate? Clean?

Signage in a clear visible and good condition?

  • Are appropriate signs in place?

  • Emergency stop buttons - Labelled and legible?

  • Isolation switches - Labelled and Legible?

  • Fuel,Hydraulic,High pressure lines, pinch points identified - Labelled and legible?

  • Rig Specific Placard?

  • Controls on drillers panel clearly labelled?

Lockout - Isolation - Emergency Stop

  • Emergency Stops fitted and working - Check all of them!

  • Isolation switches fitted and working - Check all of them!

  • Is there a remote E Stop in place - Check it is working!

Guarding - Table guarding

  • All hot parts are guarded, including exaust?

  • All moving parts are guarded?

  • Lagging, Heat shielding?

Compressed Air - Air Receivers (Compressors)

  • Gauges and Condition?

  • Pressure relief Valve fitted? Inspected and tested?

  • Pressure Vessels tested and Inspected?

  • Condition of hoses? No damage or leaks?

  • Condition of electrical wiring?

  • Are high pressure lines adequately clamped, including shackles?

  • Are Air receivers in good condition?

  • Is there an air tap accessible on the drillers control panel?

Hydraulic Systems and controls

  • Inspect Hydraulic cylinders, Leaks?

  • Inspect Hydraulic hoses?

  • Are Hydraulic hoses adequately clamped? including shackles?

  • Are hose socks fitted?

  • Inspect Hydraulic fittings for leaks etc...?

  • Inspect hydraulic control levers for tightness or looseness?

  • Is there a pressure gauge in the hydraulic system?

Tower - Mast Inspection (Leaks, structural damage, cracks in welds)

  • A frame and pivot point, condition?

  • Structure mast condition?

  • Mast dump operation?

  • Tower locking pins - condition?

  • Hydraulic rams - Condition?

  • Mast inspection certificate, NDT tested and inspected annually?

Drilling Rig Equipment - Heights

Hoisting Equipment

  • Main hoisting cable, winch rope,wire lines free from kinks, frays etc...?

  • Are pulleys and wire ropes, chain feeds and pivot points well lubricated?

  • Wire cable clamps fitted correctly?

  • Are belts,chains,pulleys, sprockets, slides and other moving parts in good condition and lubricated as per manufacturers specifications?

  • Overshot and locking pin in good condition?

  • Sheaves and blocks in good condition? checked annually?

  • Hoist drum and guards in good condition?

  • Mountings including Kelly pull down turnbuckles in good condition?

  • Adequate storage for all lifting gear and hammers?

  • Inspect hooks, clam shells, slings and shackles are in good condition?

  • All lifting gear is on the Lifting register and recorded?

Casing and rod handling equipment

  • Power tongs, rod clamps and skillets in good condition?

  • Wrenches and jaws in good condition?

  • Haul plugs are in good condition?

  • Downhole hammers and subs are in good condition?

  • Rod racks are in good condition?

  • Rods and threads are in good condition?

  • Table and deflector guards are in good condition?

  • Slips and rod clamps are guarded?

  • Rod Spanner in good condition?

  • Mechanical Rod handler is servicable and in good condition?

Heights Safety equipment - safety harness, lanyards, inertia reel

  • In date and serial number recorded? and visible?

  • Inspect all safety equipment is it all servicable?

  • Suitable and approved anchor points used?

  • All safety equipment is on a register and recorded? when was it last inspected?

Heights safety and working platforms - Drill Rig and Support Vehicles

  • Ladders and handrails - adequate? (Made to AS1657)

  • Working Platforms - adequate? (Made to AS1657)

  • Plans and approved to AS1657?



  • Signature Inspecting Crew Member

  • Signature Site Supervisor

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