Use the family routines and relationships as resources for curriculum.

Uses the home as a learning environment

Incorporate the family background and the community context into the home

Understand the link between visits and socialization experiences.

Understand Child Development.


The Home Visitor helps parents:

Curriculum: Facilitating Children's Social and Emotional Development

The Home Visitor helps parents:

Build trust with their child.

Fosters their child's independece.

Use positive guidance

Meet their child's needs

Create opportunities for their child to be successful


Curriculum: Facilitating Children's Physical Development

The Home Visitor helps parents:

Create a variety of experience for physical and motor development

Supervise their child during physical activities

Provide equipment and materials for physical development


Curriculum: Facilitating Children's Cognitive and Language Development

The Home Visitor helps parents:

Understand how children learn

Provide experiences that support curiosity and exploration

Provide experiences that support problem solving

Provide experiences that extend vocabulary and use of language

Value creative expression


Prevention and Early Intervention: Health, Nutrition, Mental Health, Safety and Wellness

The Home visitor helps parents:

Ensure a safe environment

Promote health, nutrition and wellness

Understand health and hygiene practices

Help their child learn and practice healthy habits


Individualizing and Disabilities Services

The Home Visitor helps paarents:

Plan and implement activities that match the child's current developmental level

Understand ways to adapt or change activities for their child

Identify select and use toys, books and other materials that match their child's interest and abilities

Incorporate IFSP and IEP goals into daily activities


Family Partnership

The Home Visitor:

Supports positive family relationships

Respects the home language, culture and family

Encourages parents to get involved in other areas of the Head Start Program

Supports parents in progress toward their goals


Curriculum: Home Visit Interactions and Strategies

The Home Visitor:

Demonstrates a friendly, cooperative relationship with the family

Encourages parents to take the leadership of the home visiti

Assures that communication during the home visit is in the family's preferred language

Helps parents plan activities that foster their child's learning

Helps parent improve their parenting skills

Plans home visits with parents to incorporate all elements of the Head Start program

Plans implements and evaluates the home visit with parents