• Store visit

  • Manager

  • Conducted on

  • Regional manager

  • Location

Non Negotiables

  • Is the daily envelope up to date and inline with policy and process... E.g signing in times and signatures

  • Have BEST reviews been completed by the 7th for everyone with SMART objectives set and detailed HOWs illustrated?

  • Are weekly reviews being competed and evidenced as per the performance pack

  • Was a morning brief completed, to a high standard and delivered to every member of the team.

  • Show me yesterday's daily de breif as per the performance pack

  • Have you been on the last 4 conference calls and are you managing your delegates?

  • Is the targeting board up to date and are the team clear where they/the store sit?

  • Is the chalk board up to date with a clear and compelling offer.

  • Has the manager nominated for best this month?

  • Is everyone in store registered and have a photo?

  • Does the staff member know it was them? And why?

  • Are observations being done? Ask to see the last three completed as per performance pack

  • How is feedback being given in store today?

  • What does SFM look like in store today and is it being done?

  • Is the store VM 100% against guide and if items missing have they been re ordered?

  • Is your monthly plan up to date and being reviewed?

  • Are all areas and personnel being maintained to a high standard and on brand including staff areas and toilets?


  • Do staff know their objectives for the month?

  • Do all staff have a PDP in place?

  • Did you have someone attend the deputy meeting and what are they doing with the deputy objectives?

  • Is the overtime/FTE being managed and within budget?

  • Have all staff completed home, network and OS accreditation ?

  • Has the stores pulse action plan been completed?

  • Have 4 weeks rota been completed and locked down? And have the next 8 weeks rota been drafted?

  • Do staff know about the pulse action plan and how the region/store finished in June 13?

  • Is all staff and manager holiday booked for 2013?


  • Are welcome wallets being used and scanned?

  • Are staff demonstrating handsets to customers? And showing them what they are interested In?

  • Are all demo devices and sims on charge and organised and logged accordingly?

  • Are staff knowledgable about the 7 step customer framework and how to use this on a daily basis?

  • Is software update laptop being used ask staff at random for demo

  • Is the store above 70% NPS from the latest report?

  • Was the stores last mystery shop above 90%?


  • Is the store on course for run rate this month in the 4 main areas (PAYM / PAYG / UPG / HBB)?

  • Is the conversion tracking above 10%?

  • Is PAYM conversion tracking above 2.5%?

  • Are staff aware of Star offers and promoting these?

  • Is the store above 25% for Star offers?

  • Are all staff aware of Sharer activity?

  • Is the store on course for 100% of EE volume and if so is mix above 50% mix

  • Is the store manager on course to achieve a full dashboard?


  • Has Michelle completed a H&S check within the last 6 months?

  • Was the last Compliance report completed and submitted on time?

  • Have the actions been completed and signed off by Michelle?

  • Has the stock count been completed for the past 6 weeks consecutively?

  • Are PI discrepancy reports being completed fully each week and mailed to relevant parties?

  • Agreed by store manager

  • Select date

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