4.1.1 Fee Protection Scheme

  • FPS account is unique as an individual entity, i.e. there is no account sharing.

  • Details of FPS adopted are published on the notice board.

  • Evidence that FPS is explained to prospective students (e.g. during recruitment talks).

  • Evidence that FPS is explained to recruited students (e.g. during orientation briefing).

4.1.2 Implementation of FPS

  • Insurance – insure full amount stated in contract, insurance take effect immediately after payment, coverage period until next payment
    Escrow – equal instalment amount, no collection of money from students
    *Monthly fee is computed as total fee divided by the total number of months (course duration)
    *Instalment payments to the Escrow bank must be of equivalent value.

  • Course fee not lower than 70% of total fee payable.

  • Discount given is clearly shown in contract. (if applicable).

  • Fee collected is capped at 12 months if the PEI is EduTrust-certified.
    If the PEI is not EduTrust-certified, fee collected will be capped at 6 months if the PEI has ERF insurance or FPS.

  • PEI updates FPS service providers about student movement within 3 working days.

  • FPS Data base is updated (lapse not more than 3 days).

  • FPS data are well kept in every student file: Escrow – confirmation slip, acknowledgement slip, payment voucher

  • FPS data are well kept in every student file: Insurance – certificate

  • PEI reviews the FPS implementation system to ensure there is no lapse.

4.1.3 Fee Payable

  • PEI does not collect money which is not declared in the student contract.

  • Students are informed of payment methods (cheque, cash, credit etc).

  • If PEI collects payment in foreign currency and does not follow the bank rate, the exchange rate must be available at the point of payment.

  • Payment is always told to the students in advance.

4.1.4 Receipt

  • Duplicate receipts contain the basic information.
    Refer to notes in Guidance Document.

  • Duplicate receipts are kept (min for 5 years or until the student has graduated, whichever is longer).

  • Students are given an original receipt for any payment made.

  • Receipts are issued for all payments made.

4.2.1 PEI-Student Contract

  • PEI signs a contract with the student during admission (one contract per course).

  • Contract is readily available upon request.

  • If PEI uses non-standard contract, it has been approved by CPE.

4.2.2 Procedures for executing the student contract

  • Contract must be explained to the students before signing. The 7-day cooling off period is told to them.

  • Students sign on 2 English copies of the contract (and keep 1 original copy), before 1st payment (excluding application and agent fees).

  • PEI keeps the other original copy of the contract. Advisory note must also be original.

  • Contract is only for one course.

  • If applicable, any amendment in the contract must be signed by both parties.

  • Contracts must be kept for at least 5 years.

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the contract execution procedure.

4.3.1 Refund policy

  • Refund policy is clearly explained to all students and prospective students.

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the refund policy.

4.3.2 Refund procedures

  • Relevant staff is conversant with the refund procedures.

  • Strict adherence to refund procedures.

  • Refund records are accurate.

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the refund procedures.

  • Refund records are up-to-date within 3 working days.

  • Refund is made within 7 days.

4.4.1 Transfer/withdrawal policy

  • The transfer/withdrawal policy is explained to the students, especially the status of the student pass on withdrawal (for STP-international students).

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the transfer/withdrawal policy.

4.4.2 Transfer/withdrawal procedures

  • Relevant staff is conversant with the transfer/withdrawal procedures.

  • PEI adheres to the procedures.

  • PEI informs FPS service providers of transfer/withdrawal cases (if any).

  • PEI coordinates with FPS service providers to refund students (if any).

  • PEI informs ICA for withdrawal cases (if any).

  • PEI issues attendance records to students who withdraw (if any).

  • Transfer/withdrawal records (if any), are up to date within 3 working days.

  • Transfer/withdrawal records are easily retrievable.

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the transfer/withdrawal procedures.

4.5.1 Provision of student support services

  • Medical insurance is provided to requirements for all students.
    *Requirements are stated in the Guidance Document.

  • Individual medical insurance: Records that insurance policies are given to students

  • Group medical insurance: Students are informed of insurance policy in handbook or website.

  • Student support services are designed to meet the needs of the students.

  • Staff are adequately and appropriately trained to provide the support services.

  • PEI verifies that non-STP students have medical insurance before allowing them to opt out.
    *No need to keep students’ insurance records.

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the scope of the support services provided using the analysed survey data.

  • PEI evaluates (at least once a year) the standard and quality of the support services provided using the analysed survey data.

  • (For group medical insurance) PEI has a procedure to monitor that all their required students are covered by medical insurance.

4.5.2 Counseling and Advice

  • PEI provides pastoral counselling.

  • PEI provides pre-course counselling services.

  • Course syllabi and module synopsis are easily accessible for prospective students.

  • Course counsellors have adequate training.

  • Pastoral counsellors have adequate training.

  • PEI reviews (at least once a year) the pre-course and pastoral counselling services.

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