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Efficiency Report 2018-2019


  • Circuit breakers: sized correctly

  • Disconnect

  • Gas connections free of leaks

  • Gas shutoff operation

  • Inspect flue for proper rise and clearances

  • Heat exchanger free of cracks

  • Low level CO detector in home

  • Check for combustion air vent

Condition of Air Conditioner

  • Air Conditioner

  • Age of equipment

  • Wire connections tightened

  • Defrost timer operation

  • Reversing valve operation

  • Low voltage wire condition

  • Verify proper wire size to unit

  • O-ring Schrader caps installed

  • Condenser fan amps

  • Compressor amps

  • Capacitor condition

  • Outdoor temperature

  • Indoor WB temperature

  • Temperature drop

  • Contactor

  • Unit superheat

  • Unit subcool

  • Start assist kit operational

  • System free of refrigerant leak

  • Refrigerant level

Indoor Air Quality

  • Thermostat operation

  • Filter

  • UV germicidal/ozone bulbs present

  • UV bulbs within manufacturer lifespan

  • Anti-microbial (pan) treatment


  • Ductwork

  • Blower wheel cleaned in the last 5 years

  • Blower wheel

Condition of Furnace

  • Furnace

  • Age of equipment

  • Return/Supply static pressure

  • Blower motor amps

  • Inducer motor amps

  • Blower capacitor

  • temperature rise

  • Igniter Ohms

  • Check burner crossover parts

  • Electrical components condition

  • Circuit board free of burn marks

  • Flame sensor

  • Pressure switch and hose condition

  • Hoses blown out and inducer ports cleared of obstructions

  • Limit switches and mounts condition

  • Element amps

  • Check blower wheel bearings

  • Vacuum furnace area and burners


  • Humidifier

  • Observed proper water flow over water panel

  • Checked dehumidifier operation and cleaned filters

  • Household humidity

  • Drain

  • Primary drain operation properly

  • Secondary drain ran properly

  • PVC inspected for leaks

  • Wet switch in place

  • Condensate pump operational

Post inspection Checklist

  • Run air conditioner in all stages

  • Run furnace in all stages

  • Dampers inspected and position explained to homeowner.

  • This is a report from the technician today. Any repairs will be shown on your invoice.

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