Previous inspection

  • Has the last inspection been reviews?

  • Are all the items raised on the previous inspection closed?

M066 & V143 - Falls Prevention

  • Is the fall prevention plan up to date?

  • Are daily and weekly co-ordination meetings adequately controlling fall prevention issues?

  • Is all perimeter edge protection compliant with the fall prevention plan, with no gaps?

  • Are all MEWPs compliant and operating within a designated exclusion zone that is secure with linked barriers and signage?

  • Is steel frame erection in compliance with the fall prevention plan and exclusion zones in place?

  • Is concrete frame erection in compliance with the fall prevention plan and exclusion zones in place?

  • Are all riser shafts and penetrations covered with load bearing materials which are secured to prevent movements?

  • Are fall gates fitted to all lift shafts?

  • Has all scaffolding been checked by a competent person?

  • Is all scaffolding erected in compliance with the falls prevention plan?

  • Is signage on all loading bays noting maximum capacities?

  • Are all scaffolding tags on permanent, alloy towers and podium steps current?

  • Where ladders are used, has an adequate risk assessment been undertaken and signed off prior to use?

  • Are all tools tethered in compliance with falls prevention plan?

  • Do all staircases have double handrails and toeboards?

M067 & V142 - Logistics

  • Is the logistic plan up to date?

  • Is the perimeter hoarding in good order?

  • Are the site entrance controls in place, vehicle barriers, delivery driver PPE checks, delivery booking in procedures, turnstiles etc.?

  • Is there clear segregation between pedestrians and vehicles within the site and are these clearly signed and barriers in place?

  • Is the waste skip area clean, tidy, signage in place and are the skips empty or change overs ordered?

  • Are all operatives registered on the site access control system?

  • Are all operatives on site Incident and Injury Free trained?

  • Are all vehicle and pedestrian access routes clean and clear?

  • Is all plant operated by CPCS approved operators?

  • Are all safety critical workers Medicaid current?

  • Is all loading and unloading undertaken in compliance with the logistics plan?

  • Are all additional public protection measures in place, I.e. Exclusion zones, fans etc.?

  • Does housekeeping exceed the minimum Lendlease standards?

M068 & V145 - Health and Welfare

  • Is all first aid equipment checked and supplies stocked?

  • Are all welfare facilities clean and tidy?

  • Are all toilet facilities suitably stocked?

  • Is there sufficient welfare supplies in the stores, if not has an order been placed?

  • Are all COSHH materials stored in a designated COSHH store and does the store contain the COSHH data sheets?

  • Has weekly noise monitoring been undertaken?

  • Have all sub-contractors issued weekly HAVs records?

  • Are all manual handling assessments been issued?

  • Do all sub-contractors have adequate first aid cover?

  • Are all drying rooms tidy with no clothing stored over heaters?

M069 & V140 - Fire and Emergency

  • Is the fire and emergency plan current and up to date?

  • Is all materials stored internally within the building covered in flame retardant material?

  • Are all escape routes clean and clear and suitably signed?

  • Had a fire drill been undertaken in the last three months?

  • Are all fire points installed and contain the correct fire extinguishers, extinguishers in date, fire plan and break glass on fire point?

  • Is the definition located in the site office and in date?

  • Is the hit works procedure being followed? Record here hit works permit number checked during inspection.

  • Is the fire detection system in place on all floors and has the system been checked?

  • Has weekly fire point checks been undertaken and recorded?

  • Is the emergency grab pack current and located in the security hut?

  • Are all flammable materials stored in compliance with EDRs?

M070 & V144 - Environmental

  • Are all hay bales and booms in place and secure to the river elevation?

  • Are all fuel bowsers stored in designated area, locked, signage and spill kits in place?

  • Is all timber on site FSC and are security checking each delivery when arriving on site?

  • Are all water pipes free from leaks?

  • Have weekly electric and water meter readings been taken and recorded?

  • Is all waste being segregated?

  • Are all concrete wagons utilising the concrete sock?

  • Are all wildlife protection measures in place?

  • Are all silt run-off controls in place to prevent surface water runoff? I.e. Disconnecting manhole bunged?

M071 - Lifting and Slinging

  • Is the lifting plan current and up to date?

  • Is a sub-contractor lift plan in place for each lift?

  • Is are plant certification checked, current and filed?

  • Is all lifting works being undertaken in full compliance with the lifting plan?

  • Are all lifting equipment and accessories checked in good condition?

  • Are all lifting exclusion zones in place, with linked barriers and adequate signage?

  • Has weekly hoist checked been undertaken?

  • Has three monthly hoist maintenance check been completed?

  • Is all lifting co-ordination controlled by Lendlease lifting co-ordinator?

  • Are all forklifts in good condition, with reversing devices fitted and checked?

M072 & V141 - Civil and Groundworks

  • Are all excavation works being undertaken under a ground disturbance permit?

  • Are all excavations within exclusion zones, with suitable barriers and signage?

  • Are the necessary temporary works signed off for all excavations?

  • Are all buried services drawings up to date?

  • Are all excavation works fully compliant with the ground disturbance permit? Nite permit number checked.

  • Are all known buried services marked at ground level?

  • Are all plant operators CPCS?

  • Are all quick hitches fully automatic?

  • Are all confined space works compliant and covered by a permit? Note permit number checked.

M065 - Temporary Supply

  • Is the electrical safety plan current and up to date?

  • Are all extension leads safe and without damage?

  • Do all MDUs contain the temporary electrics drawings and all breakers marked?

  • Are all tools on site PAT tested?

  • Are all mains temporary electric cables marked?

  • Are all walkways clear of extension cables?

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