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5929 - Lewisham Council Ladywell Leisure Centre 261 Lewisham High Street London SE136NJ

Are all staff visitors and contractors wearing the correct PPE?

Have you been offered a visitor's induction?

We're you showed where welfare facilities are?

Have you been allocated a member of staff to go through the audit with you?

We're you challenged either on entering site or before signing in?

Air Emissions - mayor of London Best Practice Guide
The Control Of Dust / Emissions From Construction / Demolition
Greater London Authority & London Councils
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Has a dust risk assessment been carried out for high risk dust levels

Has a method statement been carried out for operations producing high risk levels of dust?

Have the RAW's been trained out?

Have solid barriers been added to the boundary?

Staff aware that no bonfires are enforced?

Have machinery and operations causing dust been identified on site plans?

Have these been deployed away from sensitive receptors?

Have all site staff been made aware of the environmental impact of dust and has this been trained out?

Trained and responsible Manager on site during operations?

Is a daily or regular inspection carried out with regards to dust pollution?

Is there a hard surface for site haul roads?
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Dust monitors in place?

Dust monitoring available for surrounding properties?

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Environmental Protection Act 1990 as amended by s.57 of the Environment Act 1995
The Contaminated Land (England) Regulations 2006 (Amended 2012)

Any unusual soil smell or colouring? Any sign of tar, oil or other underground contamination visible in excavation?

Have complaints been logged with actions?

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Wildlife (Ecology)

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
Protection of Badgers Act 1992
Conservation ( Natural Habitats etc.) Regulations 1994
Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000
Plant Protection Regulation 2011

Is an ecological survey required or has one been carried out on site?

Has an inspection been carried out to review ecological observations?

Are there any conservation areas or SSSI's present in the vicinity of the site?

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Civil Legislation

Civil Actions

What neighbouring residents and/or companies are there adjacent to the site?

What nuisance or negligence issues have been raised by neighbours?

If any issues have they been raised, have they been recorded and dealt with?

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Accreditation and Environmental Policy

Is there a copy of the company Environmental Policy displayed on site?

How are staff made aware of environmental requirements from the significant aspects?

Competence Training, Awareness, documentation and communication.
Control of Documents

Have site staff been inducted in environmental management for this site?

Is there a copy of the aspect register on site including significant aspects?

Are there records of aspects that have been covered with employees?

Are site staff aware of ISO14001 requirements?

Are training records are present on site relating to the work being undertaken?

Are method statements and risk assessments appropriate for the job present?

Is there documented evidence of induction procedures including toolbox talks, emergency response procedures, etc?

Are all documents on site current?

Calibration of Equipment

Does the project retain latest copies of calibration for monitoring equipment?

Operational Control

Are all activities planned in order to ensure they are carried out under controlled conditions in accordance with the EMP?

Have all services been located and updated on plans on commencement and during of project?

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Have there been any near misses recorded for the project with regards to dust?

Are potential incidents identified and documented? Have there been any incidents on site?

Are list emergency contact details provided and displayed on site?

Are all site personnel aware of emergency response procedures?

Has an emergency drill been carried out and documented?

Monitoring and Measurement

Are the key operations that could have a significant impact on site work reviewed? (E.g. Review of method statements)
If Yes, how often?

Have there been any changes that required reviews of RAMS etc?

Non-Conformity, Corrective Action and Preventative Action

Is a procedure in place for dealing with potential and actual non-conformities and for taking preventative and corrective actions?

Have there been any Environmental incidents/near misses on site to date?

Have these been recorded?

Have incidents been reported to client, and where required relevant regulatory body?

Site Security & Housekeeping

Is the site boundary secure and entrance gates secured out of working hours?

Is the site access and security arrangements clearly defined?

Is access to the site controlled by a dedicated gateman?

Does the site have CCTV or 24 hour security?

Are site security aware of the agreed emergency procedures for the site?


Are engines and machines turned off when not in use?

Are transport movements on and off site kept to a minimum, where possible?

Are hoses and water supplies regularly checked and water leaks reported?

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Additional checks on site

Are risk assessments available on site - obtain an example

Are risk assessments task specific?

Has a method statement been written against this risk assessment

Have the RAW's been trained out?

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