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Aspect: Electricity use e.g. motors, pumps, fans, blowers, utilities (compressed air, lighting, heating & cooling)

  • What controls are in place?

  • Review all uses during NRFP – automatic shutdown of lighting, heating, motors, pumps, fans etc.

  • Used at appropriate level e.g. lighting meets the standard, motor rating is suitable for duty.

  • Is duty continuous or variable?

Gas use e.g. Hot Water

  • Where is hot water used? Who uses it and is it controlled automatically or manually?

  • Does it need to be hot water?

  • Are shut off solenoids and switches in place for NRFP?

  • Do we recover heat from hot water used or can it be collected and re-used?


  • Largely limited to FLT activity - Consider Use and Storage Conditions


  • Is it applied in excess? e.g. multiple nozzles, no triggers, permanently on, jet rather than mist

  • Are shut off valves and solenoids in place for NRFP?

  • Look at blue and red hoses. Are they used? Are they in the right place? Are they leaking?

  • Where is water used? Who uses it and is it controlled automatically or manually?


  • Are there any wastes without an easy disposal route?

  • Are waste storage facilities adequately sized and positioned?

  • Are bins available for each waste type?

  • Are waste streams contaminated?

  • Collection frequency adequate?

Bulk Chemical Storage

  • Are bunds in good order – should be empty of liquid, be without an external tap or valve, show no signs of leaking & ground contamination.

  • Spill kits in the immediate area are in good order and of right material?

  • Drip trays, discharge points, valves and connectors free of leaks & in good order

Oils and Fuel, Ozone Depleting Substances ,Greenhouse Gas

  • No uncontrolled storage or release of such


  • No sources of noise, light, odour, fume and dust and impact on our neighbours.<br>


  • Adhering to site standards e.g. segregating waste, using labelled skips and containers, not storing chemicals on hard ground without bunds.

  • Permitted, accredited and licensed where necessary for the work they are carrying out e.g. Waste Carriers Licence; Waste Disposal Licence; Refrigeration engineers

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