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GMPs; Employee Hygiene

  • Have you covered Employee Hygiene Policy?

  • Have you covered: Clean clothing; hand-washing; appropriate uniform including proper shoes (no hoodies); gloves; hairnets/beard nets; protective clothing; no jewelry; open wounds covered with bandage; no fingernail polish/fake nails; no eating/drinking/chewing gum/spitting/take appropriate action when coughing or sneezing; no phones in production?

  • Have you covered: loose objects such as pens, cellphones, etc. are not allowed in shirt pockets, carried behind ears or hung off pants pockets?

  • Have you covered Know the Glass Policy?

  • Glass is not be permitted into the process room (i.e. containers, utensils, glassware, watches, or similar materials) other than where required under processing regulation or by physical requirements.
    All glass objects or similar materials in the handling/process zones are listed in a glass register with monthly inspection using the Facility Glass/ Brittle Plastic Log (P4-032 - Control of Foreign Material).

  • Have you covered Do not touch or move pest traps?

Food Defense / Chemicals

  • Have you covered No access to the Chemical Room without supervision?

  • IWR Chemical training program provides the necessary training to be able to use and access, without supervision, the sanitation chemicals in the chemical storage room, as well as general household facility chemicals located in the lunchroom, washrooms, and facility storage closet (Chemical Training Program SQF Element 4.6.4).

  • Have you covered Food Defense System?

  • Have you covered the objectives of Food Defense System: Prevent products from intentional adulteration; minimize the risk of tampering, criminal or terrorist actions?

  • Have you covered Visitor Awareness?

  • Have you covered Reporting Strange Behavior?

  • Have you covered Door Codes Non-Disclosure?

Contract Service Providers; Visitors

  • Have you covered F#89 Visitor Log?

  • Date; Name; Company; Signature; Reason for Visit; Time In and Time Out.

  • Have you covered COVID screening form for visitors?

  • Have you covered: Contract Service Providers - Must Sign In; do not need to be accompanied?

  • Contact Service Providers: Abell Pest Control; Canadian Linen; Select Water; Ryko Electric.

  • Have you covered: Visitors must be accompanied at all times by either the Owner and/or Director of Operations and/or Quality Control Coordinator?

  • Have you covered: Truck Drivers - Do not need to sign in; access to only Shipping/Receiving Hall?


  • Have you covered What does HACCP Stand for?

  • Have you covered Why do we use HACCP?

  • Have you covered What Food safety hazards does HACCP Address?

  • Have you answered all the questions office employees might have regarding HACCP?

Employee Sign-In Page

    Sign-in Page
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