Facility Reference Data (FRD)

  • Are the "Commissioned Values" or "as established by flight inspection"documented?

  • Using FAA Form 6030-17 or Form 600-10?

  • Single line entry TPR?

Modification Records:

  • Are all modification current?

  • Are modifications documented correctly?

  • Does the modification serial number match the equipment serial number?

Flight inspection Reports and associated work sheets:

  • Are the flight check work sheet accurate?

  • Is the flight check report attached to the associated worksheet?

  • Ensure the derived alignment and alarm values are documented on the reference flight check worksheet.

  • Verify Validation of the established references on the subsequent flight inspection worksheet.

Closed TPRs:

  • Do closed TPRs meet the destruction standards?

  • Are the TPRs closed or terminated properly?

  • Do closed TPRs have to / from dates entered?

  • Ensure all closed TPRs meet the active TPR requirements as listed below.

Frequency Transmitting Authority (FTA)

  • Is the FTA accurate, Facility Name, Facility Type, Maximum correct?

Changes to Orders and Technical Instruction (TI) Books

  • Are the changes to the Order and TI up to date?

  • Are the changes documented on the Record of Change FAA Form 1320-5, located on the inside cover of the Order to TI?

Active Equipment TPRs

  • Are TPR tolerances initialed?

  • Are TPR tolerance limits, Nominal, Maxiimum and Minimum correct?

  • Are out of tolerance entries circled?

  • Do the circled out of tolerances entries on the TPR have correction annotated in the comments block and or a corrected entry on the next line?

  • Do the TPR serial number and equipment serial number match where applicable?

  • Are the TPR heading entries correct?

  • Are the dates and time entries entered on each line?

  • Do the TPRs have a supervisor's signature?

  • Document TPR readings and note NASTEP Evaluation in remarks box.

General Site Condition

  • Is the facility clean or cluttered?

  • Building Condition?

  • Tower and guy wire condition?

  • Antenna condition?

  • Vegetation control?

  • Fence and gate condition?

  • Equipment condition?

  • Fire extinguisher on site and inspected current?

  • Roads and ground condition?

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