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On Site Procedures

  • Are risk assessments and Work Package plan available for and in accordance with the work being carried out?

  • Have all operatives been briefed and booked on site before commencing work?

  • Do employees no what to do if an accident, incident/ close call occurs?

Working On Or Near The Line

  • Has a COSS / Foreman been appointed who is it?

  • Are all operatives certification valid and in date?

  • Is the RT9909 form correct for the works being carried out?

  • Are all staff carrying valid sentinel cards?


  • Is the site classified as one of environmental importance? ( If the answer is yes please state the importance)

  • Is a funnel and drip tray being used to prevent spillages or anti spill caps being used?

  • Are measures being carried out on site as to minimise any potential risk to the environment in general and specifically to the site?

  • Are machines and vehicles running to minimise damage to the environment?

Access and Egress

  • Is an authorised access point being used?

  • Is the access and egress being used the most suitable if there was an emergency?

  • Have access points been re-secured upon entry or exit?

  • Are necessary signs in place and in accordance with the work package plan/ method statement?

  • Has there been any visitors on site? (check visitors log)


  • Are welfare facilities adequate?

  • Is first aid equipment available on site?

  • Is the first aid kit fully stocked? Check against list in first aid box.

  • Is a fire extinguisher available on site which is in date and operational?

  • Is the vehicle(s) in good order? Tidy? With rubbish removed?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all operatives wearing appropriate PPE for the tasks they are carrying out?

  • Do the team know who to approach for initial and replacement PPE?

  • When PPE is not being used is it stored to prevent damage and deterioration?

Residents and Public

  • Has noise, fumes and dust levels been considered as to possibly cause nuisance to public or residents?

  • Have residents been notified of the works?

  • Have there been any concerns raised by public /residents or neighbouring businesses?

Materials and Hazardous Substances

  • Have all waste materials been stored in a safe and secure manner?

  • Have all new materials been stored in a safe and secure manor?

  • Is there a COSHH assessment available on site for all hazardous substances?

  • Are all liquids and chemicals stored suitably and labelled in the correct containers?

  • Are spill kits available?

Hot Works

  • Is a hot works permit in operation?

  • Is the Person undertaking Hot works competent to do so?

  • Are fire extinguisher(s) on hand during hot works are in progress?

  • What time will hot works cease? How long after ceasing hot works will be available to ensure the area is inspected safely for ignition of fires?

  • Has all combustible materials been removed prior to hot works operations?

  • Is there a nominated person keeping fire watch?

Plant Tools and Equipment

  • Are all plant/ equipment operatives trained?

  • Is all plant and equipment on site in good working order? Are maintenance stickers in date?

  • Are all machines fitted with appropriate working guards?

  • Is plant and equipment being immobilised when not in use?


  • Are service drawings available on site and the team leader reviewed the content?

  • Is a permit to dig in operation?

  • Has a cable avoidance tool been utilised and any services clearly marked and recorded in site paperwork?

  • Is the cable avoidance tool in good working order and within calibration?

  • Is the cable avoidance tool operator trained and competent?

Any Other Observations?

  • ....

  • Any Major Non-Conformance's found?

  • Signed by manager

  • Signed by COSS /Teamleader

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