• Custodian schedules on file

  • Surfaces are clean

  • Floors are well maintained

  • Stairwells are clean

  • Carpet/Rugs vacuumed

  • Glass doors and exterior windows clean

  • Windowsills/Baseboards dust-free

  • Garbage emptied as scheduled/bags changed


  • Fountains/taps are functional

  • Fountains are clean

  • Fountains are properly located


  • Toilets are clean

  • Toilets are free from unnecessary items

  • Toilets are in good repair

  • Toilets are cleaned on regular basis

  • Toilet paper is on rolls

  • Toilet paper is available in each cubicle

  • Toilets are well-ventilated

  • Sanitary bins are emptied regularly

  • Interior walls are clean

  • Sinks are clean

  • Hot/cold water is available at each sink

  • Liquid soap is available for each sink


  • Chemicals are stored properly and in locked area when appropriate

  • MSDS sheets are on file and quickly available

  • Cleaning supplies are properly labeled

  • Mop heads cleaned regularly/stored properly


  • Windows closed when HVAC is on

  • Interior/Exterior doors closed when HVAC is on

  • Classroom lights off when classroom is empty

  • Cafeteria lights off when empty

  • HVAC is set to OFF in unused spaces

  • Thermostats are set to 70 degrees

  • Portable heaters in use

  • Lamps in use in non-instructional areas

  • Potable refrigerators in use

  • Microwave in use in classrooms

  • Outdoor watering guidelines are followed


  • Free-standing cabinets, bookcases,and wall shelves present

  • Heavy objects placed on shelves

  • Aquariums/other potentially hazardous displays close to seating areas

  • Unsecured TV monitors

  • Unsecured wall-mounted objects

  • Hanging plants above or near seating areas

  • Paper or other flammable items stored near heat source

  • No safety glasses or shields in science/chemistry and vocational classrooms

  • Floors covered with non-skid wax or nonskid pads at each water-bearing workstation

  • Ground fault interrupters (GFI) are installed within arms reach of faucets

  • Fire blankets (non-asbestos) present and prominently labeled and strategically located in labs

  • Eyewas stations are functional in labs and vocational classrooms

  • Master shut offs for gas and electrical are present in labs and vocational classrooms

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