ACSI Review

FAA Form 5010-1 Update/Review

Obstruction Chart Review

ACM / ACS Review (201)

Review Self Inspection Records and Procedures for Corrective Action (327)

Review of NOTAM Records and Procedures (339)

Movement Area Inspection (Daylight) (311)

Movement Are Inspection (Night) (311)

Perimeter Fence Inspection (335)

Solicit Comments From Local Coordinator

ARFF Response Drill (Day-light) (319)

ARFF Response Drill (Night) (319)

Fuel Farm and Fueling Vehicle Inspection (321)

Airport Layout Plan Review

Lease/Use Agreement Review

ARFF Station

Personnel Training Records (319)

Vehicle Maintenance Records (319)

Refractometer Test / Records (319)

Emergency Plan (325)

Exit Interview

Discussion of Federal Agreement Compliance Issues

Discussion of Deficiencies / Violations Observed

Establish Corrective Action Suspense Dates

Discussion of Safety Related Issues or Recommendations

Discussion of ATCT and Other FAA Issues or Recommendations

Other Items


Name & Rank of Inspector
Name & Rank of inspector
Date & Time of Inspection