FOR-1.5.7 Weight Check Record

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Weight Check Record

  • Procedure: Check product weight against provided guidelines below, using calibrated scales

  • Frequency: Five (5) packs to be checked every hour

  • Critical Limits: No more than 3 packs to be short than TNE1 .
    : No pack to be shorter than TNE2.

  • Corrective action: Isolate product since last check. Notify Production Manager

Weight Checks

  • Time

  • Product

  • Batch code

  • Actual Weight Reading

  • Actual Weight Reading

  • Actual Weight Reading

  • Actual Weight Reading

  • Actual Weight Reading

  • Average Weight

Tolerable Negative Error (TNE) Guide

  • --TN2

  • - TN1


  • +TN1

  • +TN2

  • *AVERAGE WEIGHT: Add up all the weights and divide them by the number of samples; the actual average weight of the packages should not be less than the target weight

  • Date


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