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FUN WALLS (Daily Checks)

  • General Checks (Confirmed by the Individual who did the checks)


  • All Lights work

  • Is Room temperature suitable?

Visual and Safety

  • All Signage are clean, undamaged, and correctly mounted? All Signage Present and Visible? <br>


  • Fire Exits are accessible?<br>

  • Fire Safety Equipment (used by zone) is Present and Accessible?<br>

  • First Aid box are clearly visible, mounted on walls and are fully stocked?

General Lay Out

  • Bean Bags are correctly placed, and Wooden mount sits away from Glass?<br>

  • Refreshing Wipes are stocked enough for the day?

  • Cleaning requirements have been reported to the cleaners point of contact?<br>

  • All surrounding glass panels have been cleaned?

  • Mats have been vaccuumed?

  • No additional papers, stickers or trash is stuck to the mats?

Fun Walls


  • Fun Walls are structurally sound?

  • Are climbing holds free of hazardous damage?<br>

  • Power has been turned on?

  • Climbing Holds are tightly connected and don't spin?<br>

  • All Mechanical Climbing Holds work?<br>

  • Perform a Test Climb - Not higher than 2 meters off the ground<br>

  • Performed a full climb on each cable?<br>

Auto Belay Lines

  • Auto Belay Lines are free of any visible damage?<br>

  • Pulleys are rotating freely and not full of grease?<br>

  • Leakage of the Hydraulic Fluid is at a minimum?

  • Hydraulics Pressures are between 70 - 75 PSI (4.8 - 5.2 bar)<br>


  • Power has been turned on?<br>

  • Compressor has run a single cycle?<br>

  • Water has been drained?<br>

  • No visible damage to the compressor hose?<br>

Area Specific Equipment

  • Carabiners are safe to use?<br><br>

  • Carabiners open and close smoothly - doesn’t get stuck?<br><br>

  • All carabiners no visible damage?<br><br>

  • Are slings has visible damage? (secondary carabiner)<br><br>


  • All Lights are working correctly?<br>

  • All Displays are working correctly?<br>

  • Fun Walls are clean or has been reported for cleaning?<br>

  • Visible Damage on all fun walls?<br>

Line Markings

  • Line Markers are clean, clear and correctly placed?<br>

  • Line Markers are free of damage, no sections missing?<br>

Hydraulics Pressures for Line no. 11 to 18.


  • Activity Specialist

  • Activity Leader

  • All checks must be ticked and signed by the trained ERCA instructor who carried out the specific checks. Follow monthly checks guide line as per Adventure HQ
    activities monthly check the manual. All issues must be reported to the respective Team leader. All monthly check must be completed within the time line.

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