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  • Personnel


  • Are weekly toolbox meetings conducted?

  • Are Fire Extinguishers readily available and regularly inspected?

  • Are First Aid Kits readily available?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are safety glasses (not just prescription glasses) worn at all time on the shop floor?

  • Is hearing protection worn at all times on the shop floor? (100%)

  • Are all workers dressed properly for the job?: t-shirts, closed toed shoes, steel toe boots for those lifting 50+ lbs such as beam saw operator

  • Dust Masks available for those who need them?

Housingkeeping, Slips, Trips, and Falls

  • Are working areas kept clear of materials and debris and the floor swept of sawdust? (No slipping/ tripping hazards)

  • Are all hoses and cords placed out of travel ways?

  • Is all trash, scrap, and debris picked up and properly disposed of?

  • Is the sink clear of materials and significant buildup?

  • Is product stacked safely so as not to create a "struck-by" hazard if they were to topple?

  • Are materials in the yard stacked neatly and passageways clear?

  • Are pallets in good condition? (No broken pallets that would cause a hazard of dropping materials or harboring pests)

Hazardous Material

  • Are all hazardous materials handled properly?

  • Are flammable chemicals stored properly and separately from other materials?

  • Is there and SDS book onsite?

  • Is there an SDS for all hazardous materials and/or hazardous marerials?

  • Is the location of the SDS's known to all employees?

  • Is the eyewash station full and the monthly inspection tag filled out?

Tools, Equipment, and Electrical

  • Do all power tools have the proper guards in place?

  • Are all cords and outlets or plugins in good condition?

  • Are all pneumatic lines in good condition?

  • Are power strips being used properly? (For office equipment only)

  • Are Emergency Off Switches (EMOs) in good condition?

  • Is all equipment regularly inspected, properly maintained and used safely?

  • Are yellow marked areas in front of power shut-off switches free of all materials and equipment?

Ladder Safety

  • Are all ladders used in good condition?

  • Are ladders being used properly, or stored properly when not in use?

  • Are ladders used following three points of contact rule?

Power Industrial Vehicles

  • Has employee been properly trained and certified for the forklift being used?

  • Was the equipment inspected prior to first time use that shift?

  • Are all alarms originally provided by the manufacturer functioning and bring used?

  • Are seatbelts functioning and being used?

  • Are propane cylinders (both empty and full) being stored in the appropriate cage?

Employee Behavior

  • Are Employees behaving in a safe manner? (No horse play or blatantly unsafe behavior)



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