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Material inspected for damage upon delivery?

Pipe and fittings are stored in a dry location protected from sunlight?

Was the pipe machine, pipe and fittings brought to the same temperature prior to fusing?

All pipe is cut square?

Outside cut ends are chamfered?

Inside cut ends have been reamed?

Pipe ends have been sanded with 60 grit abrasive cloth?

Sanded pipe ends have been cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol Prior to fusing?

Inside sockets of fittings have been cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol prior to fusing?

Pipe marked for insertion depth?

Fusion collar placed in an easily accessible location?

Was pipe inserted into the fitting and insertion depth verified?

Was the fusion collar fully seated on the hub of the fitting socket?

Was the fitting clamp tight prior to fusing?

Was a continuity check performed on the collar prior to fusing?

Ensure the fusion cables are connected to the collar

Check to ensure the maximum number of joints to be fused is not exceeded per size

After fusing tighten 1-2 clicks

Allow the joint to cool before handling and testing

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