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Storm and Overflow Piping

Sizing verified per contract and shop drawings?

Slope is verified per contract and shop drawings?

All piping and fittings are installed Plumb and Square?

All couplings are installed square?

All couplings have been tourqued?

Storm/Overflow Piping verified no cross connect?

Clean outs are installed as shown

Risers are supported at the base?

Picture of riser support

All piping has been tested per spec?

Inspection drawings up to date and signed?


Hangers are installed at locations/spacing per spec?

Hanger size and model per submittal?

Vertical hanger rods are plumb?

All hanger rod nuts and cross bolts are tight?

Seismic/Sway bracing installed as required?

Pictures of seismic/sway bracing

Labels are installed per spec and in clear locations?

Pictures of Labeling

Storm/Overflow Labels not crossed

Directional arrows are verified correct?

In Wall Strapping

Strapping at intervals per spec?

Pictures of strapping

Couplings are secured/rodded as required?

Pictures of coupling support

Riser clamps are installed?

Pictures of riser clamp installation

Fire caulking is complete

Test Tee's/Wyes are not protruding out of the wall?

Pictures of test Tee'e and Wye's

All Plugs and caps installed in test Tee's and Wye's

Pictures of installed caps and plugs

Notes, Impacts, or Comments

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