Areas to consider
GFI Strength

What is the GFI doing well?

Class Observations

What is the ‘feel’ in the room?

Does this match the program essence?

What does the voice sound like? (pitch, pace, volume, contrast)

Does the voice match the need of the program?

Is the GFI connecting with the class as a whole? (looking at the class, using inclusive language)

Is the GFI connecting with individuals in the class? (eye contact, names, before/during/after the class)

Does the GFI demonstrate role model technique?

Is the GFI encouraging & motivating?

Is the GFI teaching to everyone in the room? (Progressions, regression & corrections)

Action plan?

Quick fix – one thing to work on immediately

Long-term goal

Other comments?

Follow-up required?

Follow-up date and time
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