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  • Risk Scope:
    Scope includes all substances that have the potential to result in fatality, as well as substances that have long term degenerative effects. Substances may include NOx, CO, MIBC fumes, fire suppression chemicals and battery acid. Includes exposure via all means e.g. ingestion, inhalation, skin contact.

  • Control Objective:
    To provide for the control of hazardous materials (includes hazards substances and dangerous goods) in order to ensure coal mine worker exposure and other associated risks present an acceptable level of risk.

Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods

  • Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods must be approved, transported, stored, used and disposed of in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and site procedures to reduce the risk of exposure and , as per 250.01 GRM SOP Hazardous Substances.

All hazardous substances / dangerous goods are approved by the Site Hazardous Materials Coordinator and recorded in the site register (ChemAlert) prior to being bought onto and used onsite.

  • Interview the site Hazardous Materials Co-odinator (HMC), and verify the following;

  • Has the HMC received training appropriate to the role?

  • Has the HMC been appointed by the SSE (ie. obtain and review appointment letter)?

  • Select 3 chemicals approved within the past 6 months:

  • Have the chemicals been approved and uploaded to ChemAlert (ie. sample obtained randomly from HMC)?

  • Select 4 physical chemicals present in the workplace:

  • Have these chemicals been approved on ChemAlert?

  • Knowledge test 3 Coal Mine Workers (CMW's):

  • Do CMW's understanding the process and requirements for having a chemical approved prior to being bought onto and used onsite?

Hazardous substances and dangerous goods are transported, used and stored in accordance with the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • Attend 2 laydown / chemical storage areas and verify the following:

  • Select 2 hazardous substances / dangerous goods from each area:

  • Has each item has been stored in accordance with the corresponding SDS (including segregation requirements)?

  • Select 2 active work fronts involving the use of hazardous substances / dangerous goods and verify the following:

  • Has the work group consulted the SDS, are they aware of the requirements (including the properties, level of risk, required PPE, first aid provisions and disposal)?

  • Has a risk assessment has been carried out which identifies appropriate hazards and management strategies relating the chemicals, and the controls implemented?

  • Are all chemicals clearly and appropriately labelled (including containers used for decanting)?

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